West Norfolk parents, you're not alone

West Norfolk parents, you're not alone

Published by KLFM
12:53pm 12th September 2019.

A tragedy as a teenager still affects her today. 

Amy from King's Lynn lost her Mum when she was just 15-years-old.

She opened up to KLFM as part of our Mental Health Campaign about how losing her Mum combined with becoming one herself really affected her. 

Amy mental health campaign
Amy with her mum


Amy's Mum passed away from a brain tumour and she still feels the loss: 

"I think it's shaped my life but has also created certain hurdles for me to try and overcome. 

"The pain never goes away and it never really gets any easier, but the times that you feel pain become further apart."


She reckons that although the death of her Mum affected her at 15, she thinks it's been even more difficult as she's grown older: 

"At key events in my life, so when I got married, when I met my husband really, when I found out I was pregnant, all of those things that you want to share with your Mum I couldn't because I didn't have her here to do that with." 

She particularly felt her loss after she gave birth to her little boy, Alfred.

The most common mental health problems experienced during pregnancy and after birth are anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. 

baby feet


She wishes she had relaxed a bit more when he arrived:

"Looking back on it now, I wish I could've relaxed more in those early stages because I feel like I missed out a lot on the newborn cuddles and just really enjoying those first few days, weeks, months with him.

"I think that's when having my mum would've really helped."


Amy told us that mum's can often feel like they're not being a good parent and they put their own self care aside. 

"The biggest feeling that you have is guilt and you naturally put your feeling and your needs aside because the babies are more important and everybody that comes round wants to know how the baby is and not necessarily how you are."

Her husband found the King's Lynn Mum Chums page:

"The support online is phenomenal, it's a really safe space and there's no judgement."

If you've been affected by Amy's story, you can find out where you can find help in Norfolk here.