QEH issues Norovirus warning

QEH issues Norovirus warning

Published by KLFM
5:22pm 20th September 2019.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is appealing to visitors not to put their loved one's health at risk by visiting after experiencing symptoms of Norovirus.

The hospital says it's been seeing increasing levels of the sickness bug in the community.

As a result, it's putting measures in place to protect patients.

The warning from QEH, King's Lynn

People who have experienced diarrhoea or sickness are asked to stay away from the hospital for 72 hours. 

All visitors are now asked to report to the Nurse in Charge of a Department or Service before seeing a patient. 

The hospital also asks that children under the age of 12 do not visit, and that any visitors wash their hands with soap and water before entering any clinical areas.

Norovirus is a food borne infection, which can be prevented easily by good hygiene measures like hand-washing.