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Providing comfort to bereaved parents at QEH

Providing comfort to bereaved parents at QEH

Published by KLFM
3:45pm 9th October 2019.

One in four women will lose a baby during pregnancy and Jo from Wiggenhall St. Germans was one of them. 

She had IVF for her little boy, but she lost his little brother or sister last year early on in the pregnancy.

It's spurred her on to help others in the same boat, and she's now Norfolk's ambassador for Cradle, an organisation that helps bereaved parents who have lost a child early in pregnancy.

Cradle Jo

Above: Jo and her family

Jo wishes she had more places to turn to for support when she lost her baby.

"It completely broke me losing the baby. It changed who I am, I lost friends and I withdrew from the world basically and it's only recently that I've felt strong enough to start getting out there again".

Her and her husband had had scans and seen the heartbeat before learning that it had died in utero and had to be removed with surgery.

Cradle is collecting and fundraising for comfort bags that they give to the parents while they're in the hospital in these situations.

They're looking for unwanted smellies to put in the bags which have things in for both the mum and the dad to get them through their time in hospital. 

Lush in Peterborough have donated to the cause, as well as Morrisons in King's Lynn. They're asking people to add baskets for donations in their offices across West Norfolk to help support the cause. 

She's set up a Facebook group as part of Cradle for other mothers who have had the same experience as her.

"When you go through it you feel you feel like it is just you - why has it happened to me, you know, why me - but when you hear other stories it's like, well I'm not alone in this.

"I always knew I was going to be a mother, I just didn't expect it to be as hard. 

"I felt guilty as well because I'd already had a baby and everyone was like, you've got a baby why are you so upset because you'd lost the second baby? But it was still my baby."

They've since been nominated for the Awareness Advocacy Category in the Butterfly Awards. You can vote for them here

If you need support, you can join the Norfolk Cradle group.