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Less than a week 'til Hannah's memory walk 

Less than a week 'til Hannah's memory walk 

Published by Grace Mcgachy
6:00am 13th October 2019.

In less than a week's time, two brothers from West Norfolk will have completed a 98-mile march - to remember their little sister. 

Barry and Lee Edwards are taking on the memory walk, from where they grew up in Essex - to where Hannah lived in Downham Market. 

She was 33 when she suffered an epileptic fit at her flat in the town on October 16 last year. 

Hannah Edwards
Hannah and her brothers Barry and Lee

She hit her head as she fell to the floor, and later that day suffered a brain haemmorhage in the QEH. 

Hannah and the boys' mum, Michele, told KLFM:

"We agreed to turn [Hannah's life support] machine off at 11 o' clock that night. 

"They tried to send her to Addenbrooke's, but they couldn't do anything [there]."

Shocked, the family tried to come to terms with what had happened to Hannah. 

Michele continued:

"She was really happy, really friendly, a lovely girl. 

"I'm not just saying that because she's my daughter.

"It was nine days away from her 34th birthday."

The family had planned to go to Tenerife to celebrate the 60th birthday of Hannah's father - something else they now had to face without her. 

Michele added:

"We had a nice time, we had a lovely time, but it would have been a lot louder if she'd been there!"

Barry and Lee plan to start their epic march at 8am next Friday (October 18) - hopefully ending up in Downham Market at 2pm the folllowing day. 

The money they raise will go towards the Epilepsy Society.

Hannah Edwards


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