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Appeal to give veteran a proper send-off

Appeal to give veteran a proper send-off

Published by KLFM
11:41am 7th February 2020. (Updated at 1:04pm 7th February 2020)

The son of a World War Two war veteran who died aged 102 is asking members of the public to help him get the funeral he deserves.

Jack Prince died aged 102, but outlived most of his family and friends.

His son Philip describes him as "an amazing father" who was "happy in everything he did" and an "unbelievable man".

Philip's calling for other veterans and members of the public to attend Jack's funeral later this month.

"It's only myself and my two sons - and it's just nice to attend to celebrate everything he's done.

"He was absolutely a fantastic man, full of the joys of living."

He also explained how his dad was very lucky to have lived that long.

"He got married in 1940 and the next day he left for the war.  

"When he came back they offered people who wanted to be signalmen the weekend off.  

"Not thinking what that involved, he took the job because he wanted the weekend off to spend with his wife.  

"And on D-Day for him he was very lucky, he came down with malaria from where he was fighting in Sicily in Italy and whoever took his place was one of the first men to be killed.  

So he was lucky that way."

The funeral is at the Breckland Crematorium, Norwich Rd, Norwich NR9 4NR at 1pm on 24th February.