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New boiler for Greyfriars School pool - but there's a cost

New boiler for Greyfriars School pool - but there's a cost

Published by KLFM
5:00am 10th February 2020.

Thousands of kids have learnt to swim in the Greyfriars School community pool in Kings Lynn over the years.

But since before Christmas, there have been problems with the temperature that led to a few days where the pool has been closed.

Greyfriars pool
The pool will get a new boiler - but at the cost of a playground upgrade.

As the pool is used by so many members of the community, the school wanted to make fixing it a priority.

Aimee Symonds is a Friends of Greyfriars School (FROGS) committe member:

"The school's spent a fair amount of money on bringing people in and replacing things.

"Unfortunately they got to the stage where the only viable option to get the pool back up and running was to replace the boiler - which was obviously a massive cost."

However, they don't have the funding for it - so they've taken things into their own hands.

"They had a small amount of money available but they approached the FROGS and asked if we'd be able to help them with the remaining £5,000.

The FROGS organisation has spent the last couple of years fundraising and saving to upgrade the school's playground - so they had to make a tough call.

"The pool has been there a very long time and has been used by thousands of children over the years to learn to swim.

"It's a great little pool because it's ideal for those primary age children to learn to swim in a really safe environment.

Now, the cash that was earmarked for the playground will go towards the new boiler.

"We very much wanted to help the school and the community but it did mean all our hard work was wiped out - so we're back to square one on our playground savings.

Can you help?  Fundraising for the playground upgrade has started again.

"Anybody that comes to the school for swimming lessons will know it's a great little playground.

"The school try really hard to keep on top of repairs and we've spent time painting it up and making it look really nice again but wooden equipment does come to the end of its life.

"It's a big sum of money that's needed but we're halfway towards our goal of being able to make those improvements.

A GoFundMe page has been set up (currently still labelled as a pool fundraiser, but details are in the description) if you're able to donate.