One in 19 deaths in Norfolk caused by air pollution

One in 19 deaths in Norfolk caused by air pollution

Published by KLFM
5:24pm 14th February 2020.

Air pollution is responsible for one in 19 deaths among people aged 30 or over in Norfolk, new data reveals.

Public Health England figures show an estimated 5.2% of deaths of people aged 30 or over in Norfolk in 2018 were caused by air pollution.

The data measures deaths associated with long-term exposure to tiny particles known as PM2.5.

A major source of these harmful particles is emissions from vehicles, but also industrial processes and the burning of fuels for heating.

Repeated exposure to the particles can trigger chronic diseases such as asthma, heart disease or bronchitis, and cause other problems with breathing.

Jenny Bates is a campaigner for the environmental charity Friends of the Earth:

"These levels of the most health-damaging air pollution are an absolute disgrace.

“Every year, UK air pollution causes nearly 36,000 early deaths and billions of pounds in costs to the economy.

"The Government must get a grip on this health crisis."

Public Health England say poor air quality can particularly affect those who are more vulnerable to harm, including those with heart and lung disease, children and the elderly.

"Improving air quality is crucial to reducing the health impacts of air pollution and helping people live longer, healthier lives.”