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Slimmers' loss is Foodbank's gain in King's Lynn

Slimmers' loss is Foodbank's gain in King's Lynn

Published by KLFM
2:00pm 26th February 2020.

Across King's Lynn and West Norfolk, over a ton and a half of food has been donated by slimmers.

It's part of a campaign with the slogan "Don't eat it, Donate it" to collect unwanted food and toiletries from members of Slimming World across West Norfolk during January.

Emma Elderfield from Purple Events says the initiative started about five years ago and has grown from there:

"Slimming World members were coming in and saying how they felt obliged to eat the foods that was in their cupboards left over from Christmas.

So - rather than be forced to eat it or bin it, we started to say DON'T EAT IT - DONATE IT." 

This year, most of the items donated were taken to the King's Lynn Foodbank, with anything perishable going to the Winter Night Shelter. 

Other items went to the Notting Hill Genesis shelter, Baby Basics, NCT West Norfolk, Wisbech Foyer and 50 backpacks for the homeless in Wisbech.

"This year we've done 38 groups around the local West Norfolk area and we've had such an amazing response from all the Slimming World members.  

"They were going out purposely and buying the items on the list.  It was absolutely amazing."

 This year has been described as the best in the five-year history of the initiative, with four times more being collected in 2020 compared with 2019.

"It started off as the leftovers from Christmas - the tins of biscuits, the chocolates, all the nice things that you get in over Christmas just in case someone pops around.  

But January's a brilliant month to declutter so we were then having toiletries and parts of gift sets given to us - and then as the month went on we issued an 'Items we'd appreciate each week' list.  

To have this amount of food  - I mean we're talking over a ton and a half of food - put into the bin is an absolute waste.  

There are local people in crisis who can't put food on their families' tables - and if we can do something to help them by doing a collection in January through the Slimming World members, it's a win-win.

"For the members, they're losing the weight... and we're able to help the food bank and other key charities or associations around King's Lynn to get what they need.

For more details on this year's campaign, search #PurpleSW2020 collection on Facebook.