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Firefighters in Norfolk rescue a pet weekly

Firefighters in Norfolk rescue a pet weekly

Published by KLFM
1:15pm 10th March 2020.

Firefighters had to rescue at least one Norfolk pet a week last year.

The most common call-out was for animals stuck in high places, such as trees or on roofs.

Norfolk Fire & Rescue also had to deal with a number of animals wedged in tight spots, such as in fences or drain covers.

The Home Office says Norfolk’s firefighters came to the aid of pets an average of 1.6 times a week in the 2018-19 period.

Guidance from the National Fire Chiefs Council says crews must be equipped to deal with incidents involving animals in peril in order to stop members of the public putting their lives at risk to save their pets.

Fire and rescue services do encourage people concerned about the welfare of an animal to contact the RSPCA first to avoid crews coming out unnecessarily if possible

But the RSPCA are very grateful to fire and rescue services, with a spokeswoman saying: 

“We work closely with fire and rescue services across England and Wales and are incredibly grateful to them for support helping us rescue animals from tricky situations, as well as carrying out their own animal rescues.

"Unfortunately there are many times where it simply isn't safe for us to rescue animals, such as from heights or if specialist equipment and expertise are required, so collaborative working is vital in these situations to save animals.

"In these circumstances, we will sometimes request the help of firefighters but it's up to them if they attend, and emergencies involving people will always take priority."