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Distillery swaps alcohol for hand sanitiser

Distillery swaps alcohol for hand sanitiser

Published by KLFM
6:00am 20th March 2020.

Fen Spirits usually makes vodka, gin and rum from scratch - but now they’re making hand sanitiser for those who are vulnerable and can't get their hands on any in the current situation.

KL.FM caught up with owner Anthony Winterbourne about how it all started:

“A friend of mine sent me a message at the beginning of last week saying that American distilleries are helping the crisis by making hand sanitiser so I said 'well I could do that!'

"So on my Instagram Story, which I'm quite renowned for, I made some.  

"A follower from King's Lynn got in touch - she had a kidney transplant and a low immune system - and I said would I make her some.  

"So again I posted about it and then it snowballed and now we're making loads of it and we're basically giving it away to the most vulnerable."  

Anthony says he’s seen first hand how desperate people are for it:

“I had people turn up last Friday, their family members are undergoing chemotherapy.  

"They've been advised to get hand sanitiser, they can't get it anywhere.  

"This is just the right thing to do so I'll keep doing it."

Hundreds of people have brought small bottles in to Fen Spirits to be filled in the last couple of days.

Anthony told KL.FM he’s witnessed something amazing:

“No one's come in greedy, no one's come in stockpiling.  

"It's vulnerable people that need it.  

And they're gobsmacked that they have it for free and they all want to donate something.

Anthony’s funding this all on his own at the moment, but a GoFundMe page has been set up in case people want to help with the cost of small bottles.

They will also start posting out bottles to the elderly or vulnerable who can’t make it in to the distillery.

If you are a vulnerable person who needs some hand sanitiser, you can turn up to Fen Spirits between 9am and 4pm at The Secret Garden Touring Park, Mile Tree Lane, PE134TR. 

Bring a small bottle and they’ll fill it up. 

And Anthony has one final word for other business owners in the community:

“If businesses stopped focusing on greed and just focused on helping people, they'd be gobsmacked at the response they would have.  

“And that's the message to get across.”