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King's Lynn BID to help businesses

King's Lynn BID to help businesses

Published by KLFM
7:00am 23rd March 2020.

With it being such an unpredictable time for local businesses, Discover King's Lynn (BID) want to do as much as they can to help.

BID manager Vicky Etheridge told KL.FM they have a lot to do:

"We're trying to put in one place all the relevant advice coming out from government and trusted sources and sticking it all on our website.

"We're conscious that people need to find their way through stuff that's a bit scaremongering to actually what they need to get advice and support for their business."

With King's Lynn being so quiet, there's a lot of uncertainty around from business owners about what will happen and how long the situation is going to stay like this for.

BID will be there to help businesses connect with each other, as they all have different things they can offer.

Vicky says this is key in a situation such as the current coronavirus outbreak:

"Now is really one of those times where we can try and connect people up who've got some advice and expertise and knowledge - and who might have different sorts of resources.  

"Not everyone has a van they can use to do deliveries, not everyone has an online presence.  

"But there'll be people in the town who can help people with those sorts of things if that's what they want and need to do.  

"So we can play a real role in making those connections - and we've got to remember that this isn't going to last forever.

"we've got to be here for when things do ease and get the town back up and running again."

The BID Rangers are still out around King's Lynn, and with less people around they're able to focus their attentions more on helping businesses where needed - within reason:

"Obviously as an employer we need to keep them safe.  

"But we'll keep them out and active for as long as they're happy and as long as it's safe to do so.  So our rangers are avialable to help people within reason.

"We've tried to make that clear to people, like if they're doing deliveries and they need a hand with packing them up, the rangers are happy to and lend a hand if they can - as well as doing their usual things like keeping an eye on the town."

Vicky told KL.FM she's proud of the way local businesses are helping one another:

"Retailers are getting together talking about how they can work on common opening hours.

"There are good news stories and feel good stuff, but clearly it's just a really uncertain and unsettling time, isn't it?"