Yacht rescued by Wells Lifeboat

Yacht rescued by Wells Lifeboat

Published by KLFM
10:25am 23rd March 2020.

A yacht, which ran aground  in Holkham Bay has been rescued by Wells Lifeboat.

The Trouncer had been on passage along the North Norfolk coast, when it attempted to enter Wells Harbour too late on the tide on Friday night (20 March), so took shelter in Holkham Bay, where they became stuck and started to take on water.

As it was nearing low water both the inshore and all-weather lifeboats left the boathouse and proceeded toward the vessel. 

The inshore lifeboat (ILB) identified the boat with its navigating lights on and arrived to find the yacht hard aground. The tide was receding fast and the ILB crew were able to take both the skipper and his crew off the stranded yacht and transferred them to the local coastguard team. Fortunately, although wet, cold and tired the crew of the yacht were both able to go to the lifeboat station and were offered shelter for the night.  In the interim the lifeboat crew rigged the yacht's anchor to seaward.  

During the grounding the yacht has been subject severe wave action in the strong onshore wind and had frequently taken the bottom heavily. It was uncertain if the wooden yacht had sustained hull or keel damage as a result and it was doubtful if she would re-float on the incoming tide. 

It was decided to go and assess the situation again with a view to try and re-float the yacht and tow her into Wells harbour on Saturday's afternoon high tide. Both lifeboats left the scene at 10.50 pm. 


When the lifeboat crew arrived on scene on Saturday morning (21 March), they discovered that the yacht had not re-floated on the morning tide and the hull had, as a result, broken up in the heavy seas scattering the boat's contents along the adjacent tide line. The lifeboat crew were able to recover the inboard fuel tanks and batteries to minimise the risk of pollution. The life raft was also landed ashore and the crew cleared the beach of debris.  Both lifeboats returned to the boat house at 11am.