Police in Norfolk to enforce government 'stay at home' rules

Police in Norfolk to enforce government 'stay at home' rules

Published by KLFM
2:01pm 26th March 2020.

Police in Norfolk are enforcing the government's 'stay at home' measures. 

Following the Prime Minister's announcement, people can now only leave their homes for food, medicines, exercise or for essential travel to work. 

Chief Constable Simon Bailey said there is now "no room for complacency” after the government  ordered people to stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

Public gatherings of more than two people who do not live together are prohibited and shops selling non-essential items have been ordered to close.

Norfolk Police Simon Bailey in King's Lynn
Norfolk Police Simon Bailey in King's Lynn

New legislation has been introduced giving police powers to disperse public gatherings and fine those who do not follow the rules.

Mr Bailey said: 

"The measures taken so far to limit social distancing have not had the necessary effect, with some people still going about their business as if the threat from coronavirus didn't exist. I was staggered to hear that Wells was packed with visitors at the weekend. We all need to work together to protect our NHS and other public services so that we can ensure we can help you. There is no room for complacency. 

"The vast majority of people in this county are making real sacrifices to help save lives and I would urge everyone to now comply with these measures. 

"Officers will continue to be out in their communities, speaking to people as we always do and taking the opportunity to explain the new rules and ask what people are doing and why they are out. We will continue to work within our traditional policing model, with the consent of the public. The vast majority of the public understand why we may need to use the new powers, but we will of course negotiate and convince before resorting to the law. 

"These new measures are there to save lives and protect our loved ones. We will be enforcing them, as the public would expect and want us to. 

"My call to the communities of Norfolk is to follow the advice, stay at home and help us help the national effort."

People can now only leave their homes if they are shopping for basic necessities, such as food or medicine, one form of exercise a day, any medical need, or travelling to and from work where it cannot be done at home.