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Police urge us to report those breaking lockdown rules

Police urge us to report those breaking lockdown rules

Published by KLFM
1:00pm 10th April 2020.

If you know of someone repeatedly breaching the lockdown rules in Wisbech, you're being asked to report them.

Cambridgeshire Police has created a new web form and information page to make easier for us to let them know of those flouting restrictions. 

They're warning those who repeatedly break the rules, despite warnings, will face fines.

The public are urged to only report something if they feel there is a significant issue or breach which they think officers need to know about.

Officers will not be dispatched for minor infringements of the Coronavirus restrictions, but mass gatherings should be reported so they can be dealt with appropriately.

Officers will do everything possible to advise people on the guidelines and ensure as many people as possible help protect the NHS by staying at home and saving lives.