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Distraction burglars target Wisbech

Distraction burglars target Wisbech

Published by KLFM
10:35am 12th April 2020.

We're being warned to keep strangers out in Wisbech.

On 24 March a distraction burglary took place in Worcester Road, where a woman fraudulently gained her way into an elderly man's home by using his granddaughter's name.

She asked for cash for a bus but was stopped by a member of the family who arrived.

On Friday 3 April, two women entered a home in Southwell Road and pretended they were nurses and needed to check the elderly resident's paperwork. Once they had left, the victim has realised they had stolen her purse containing bank cards.

Police are warning distraction burglars use dishonest tactics to gain access to homes, they may pretend to be carers, or offer help to gain their victim's trust and trick their way into their home to steal money or valuables.

Crime Reduction Officer Amanda Large said: 

"These people appear to be targeting elderly or vulnerable people in the community. It's despicable that some are using the current health crisis to target already vulnerable people.

"If you have an elderly relative or neighbour who lives alone it is worth talking to them about this type of activity by either giving them a call or sending them a message.

"This is important advice we are trying to promote to prevent these cowardly offenders from getting into people's homes."