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Lockdown measures in West Norfolk are 'working'

Lockdown measures in West Norfolk are 'working'

Published by Beth Pridding
8:00am 27th April 2020.

The efforts of people in West Norfolk to follow guidance to stay indoors is 'working'. 

That's what North West Norfolk MP James Wild is saying. 

But Mr Wild has also warned that if lockdown measures are lifted too soon, as the hard work we've all done will be 'thrown away'.

His comments come as the UK has now been in lockdown for more than a month.

He said:

"What we're doing is working. The efforts, the sacrifice everyone is making is paying off. We have protected the NHS and we're saving lives as a result, so we've got to keep on doing it. 

"There will be a time when we lift the restrictions but if we stop now then we're going to risk increasing the spread and all of the hard work will have been thrown away.

"People across West Norfolk have been doing a fantastic job in following the government advice to stay home. I know how difficult it is to do that. It's changed all of our lives, it means we can't see our family and friends. 

"I'm so impressed by my constituents who are doing a great job. "