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Another West Norfolk landmark to be lit up as we Clap for our Carers tonight

Another West Norfolk landmark to be lit up as we Clap for our Carers tonight

Published by Beth Pridding
4:30pm 7th May 2020.

Another West Norfolk landmark will be lit up tonight as we join in the Clap for our Carers. 

Last week, entertainment company Jak Ropa lit up the Old Lighthouse in Hunstanton - even paying tribute to QE worker Chrissie Emerson. 

They're keeping the locations under wraps to avoid crowds gathering - but pictures will be posted online. 

This week they'll be somewhere in Lynn - but say it'll be visible to those working at the QE. 

Jack Whitmore from the company said:

"As an events and entertainment company we have pretty much most of our work this year cancelled due to the social distancing guidelines to follow meaning we have a warehouse full of our high tech equipment unused. We love what we do and very passionate to deliver the best service. 

"With so many close friends and family either effected or working on the front line including the NHS I decided to look at options that haven't been done before that would be unique to say a big thank you to them all and at the same time showcase exactly what we can achieve as a business.

"I'd like to thank everyone who is working to help us through this. Each week we will be thanking the NHS and other groups of people. I'd like to ask everyone checks out our social media and shares our work so less people miss out on this opportunity - it might be closer than they think! 

"I'd also like to thank Daniel, our lighting technician, Kelly Marie, who is from our marketing tean and Craig, the photographer. Thanks to all the venues are supporters who have donated their services to make our project happen."

The project is sponsored by Jak Ropa, Javik Laser Creations and the sites involved.