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Charity helping new mums through coronavirus pandemic

Charity helping new mums through coronavirus pandemic

Published by KLFM
8:40am 19th May 2020.

A West Norfolk charity is working hard to keep supporting new mums, who are struggling to cope, but stress they can only accept new items at the moment.

Baby Basics, which is based in Dersingham, is delivering Moses baskets, packed with essentials like nappies, blankets, clothing and toys.

Because of coronavirus, they can't currently accept donations of pre-loved items, including clothes, but are still taking donations of money or new items to give to those who are vulnernable, who could be  teenagers, those in poverty for whatever reason, to asylum-seekers or those fleeing domestic violence.

Spokesperson Maggie Anderson said:

"We have had some wonderful donations which we truly appreciate, but just at the moment we are asking people to hang-on to their pre-used clothing, bedding and toys because we don't have a huge storage facility and cannot pass them on,

"There is a growing network of community groups and churches across the country running a Baby Basics project and here in West Norfolk referrals can be made via email, or if needed by telephone initially to us and all we need is the mum's name or initials, and the baby's due date along with the gender if it's known."

Information on how to donate, can be found by emailing babybasicswestnorfolk@gmail.com