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Pandora Project gets backing from PCC

Pandora Project gets backing from PCC

Published by KLFM
5:55pm 31st May 2020.

Victims and survivors of domestic abuse are continuing to get the vital support they need thanks to funding from the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Norfolk (OPCCN)

The office continues to work closely with commissioned services to make sure the right help is out there and ensure those vulnerable to such abuse know they are not alone.

West Norfolk-based charity the Pandora Project which helps women and children affected by such a crime has been given vital funding to set up a live chat facility on its website.

The OPCCN-funded service is currently available Monday to Friday between 1pm and 3pm and has already seen a number of women making contact.

Pandora founder and manager Tracy Mahoney, said: 

"The service allows women to access support in a more discrete way. We have three operators, who can all work simultaneously offering advice and support around domestic abuse issues.

"We had our first 'chat' within minutes of going live. People are asked to give a first name, it doesn't have to be their real name, we don't ask for any other information. 

"The women who have contacted us so far are living with abusive partners and have wanted advice about leaving safely, whether that's now or in the future. 

"We are hugely grateful to OPCCN who funded this, enabling us to offer a different way for women to get in touch at this very difficult time."

Pandora's live chat service is available via their website