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Norfolk Special Constables thanked

Norfolk Special Constables thanked

Published by KLFM
4:05pm 6th June 2020.

Special Constables who have gone above and beyond committing more than 12,500 hours to help with policing duties during the Covid pandemic will be highlighting their skills during this year's National Specials Weekend.

Norfolk Constabulary has around 200 volunteer police officers who will be showcasing their work this weekend (June 6/7). The focus this year will be on a 'thank you' for all the time and effort and support the Special Constabulary have given the force and the community.

When some of our Special Constables were furloughed or could not work during lockdown, they offered their time and energy to assist in the response. 

Norfolk's Special Chief Officer Darren Taylor said:

"This weekend focuses on a well-deserved thank you, particularly during a challenging time for most people. We very much value the commitment of our Special Constables and the time they give to the community. They also get some incredible experiences from the voluntary work they do and we would encourage anyone who feels inspired to join us to come forward."

Chief Constable Simon Bailey said: 

"We highly value the dedication of our Special Constables, they are an integral element of the Norfolk Police family and their additional support during this exceptional time has been especially welcomed - I would like to thank each of them for their dedication and commitment."

Special Constabulary & Police Support Volunteer Manager Sue Goode said:

"The team are dedicated to supporting their local communities and have been executional during this time, we have a range of voluntary opportunities at the constabulary, including non-uniformed roles, please see our website for details."

Norfolk's Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green said:

"The dedication and commitment shown by Norfolk's team of specials is one of which the community should truly be proud. 

"I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to officers, like Bill and Tom, who have shown tremendous determination and passion for their role giving hundreds of hours to their local community.

"Our Special Constabulary is an excellent example of how the specialist skills, experience, and dedication of volunteers can add significant value to what our police service does.

"These highly committed women and men give freely of their time all year round and the role they play in bringing the police and public closer together is a vital one particularly at a time like this.

"They are, and must continue to be, a highly valued part of Norfolk's policing family."

Anyone interested in joining the Special Constabulary can visit our website or for an informal chat about the role call 01953 425699 ext 2373