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Facebook Changes Could Spell Trouble For Small Businesses

Facebook Changes Could Spell Trouble For Small Businesses

Published by KLFM
3:16pm 11th March 2013.

Some people in West Norfolk may have noticed that Facebook has changed over the weekend.

The social media site has undergone another redesign but it could spell trouble for local businesses who try and get you to like their Pages

At the moment on your News Feed you see a mix of your friends, and Pages you have liked. But the changes mean you'd just see your friends, and then have to click on a new tab to see updates from Pages.

Melanie Harriss from Fakenham runs the Social Media business Social Monkey and says it does seem to be a trend for the company:

"Facebook for small and micro businesses, I think every change they've made since they floated on the stock market, has made things harder and harder. They are really after the Brands and larger businesses that can pay money out for promoted posts, sponsored stories and advertising."