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Warning Over "Fake" Charity Bags

Warning Over "Fake" Charity Bags

Published by KLFM
4:27pm 13th June 2013.

There's a warning to be careful of charity bags through the door in West Norfolk that may be very misleading.

Bags have gone out in Feltwell claiming to be collecting for the Air Ambulance, and it’s feared that clothes left out for the local charity, may end up going to a business instead.

The King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council has confirmed that charities generally need a licence if they wish to carry out door-to-door collections of clothes and bric-a-brac.  There is no record of a licence for the collection referred to and this matter is being looked into.

Some charities are exempt from the rules and businesses can collect but they must make clear who they are and cannot imply they are collecting for a charity or good cause.

The advice is that if you want to donate to charity then it’s best to take your items to a shop direct, or call them and arrange a collection from your home.

If anyone is in doubt as to whether a collection is legitimate, they can contact the borough council’s licensing department by calling 01553 616200.