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Could You Help Spot a Dodgy Boyfriend?

Could You Help Spot a Dodgy Boyfriend?

Published by KLFM
2:48pm 14th June 2013.

Would you be able to spot the signs of a bad boyfriend? Women in West Norfolk are being asked to come forward to volunteer with a new charity.

The Pandora Project works with women in abusive relationships that have not yet become violent - often it's young women and girls that are involved.

All volunteers remain anonymous but one told us that "A lot of people, especially young people don't understand that their relationship is not good. So they need to have someone to say this not right, that you should not be treated like this, it's not fair. And to have someone to talk to."

It's hoped many of the volunteers will have been through a bad relationship before so they will be able to understand the position the victim is in.

The Pandora Project's new website is under development but you can find out how to get involved by clicking here.