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Occupational Health – a vital tool in the battle with mental health issues

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Published at 9:50am 1st November 2018.

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With 60% of employees in 2017 experiencing work-related mental health issues it’s time to address the key question – are employers doing enough to tackle the mental health epidemic?

The financial impact of mental health is significantly costing the UK economy between £74 and £99 billion a year.

Because of the sheer scale, a cross-collaborative approach may be the answer, with businesses, government bodies and Occupational Health providers working together to provide solutions to reverse, or at least halt, this impact which continues to grow.

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Why employers need to understand mental health in the workplace

Staff who are suffering from the unfortunate and devastating symptoms that come with mental illnesses may not be able to operate on a similar level. People who feel good about themselves are more likely to benefit from enhanced productivity and interact with colleagues in a positive manner. A Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development study found that:

  • 37% of mental health sufferers are more likely to conflict with others
  • 57% find it more difficult to juggle a variety of tasks
  • 80% find it difficult to concentrate, whilst 62% take longer to do tasks

Without the correct training and protocols in place, line-managers may not be able to understand why staff are struggling and may approach a situation in a way which could be detrimental to the mental health of the individual. Disciplinaries or worse, dismissals of staff may be carried out which could be deemed as unjust depending on the circumstances.

Managing health at work for employers 


Tackling mental health, the right way

The mental wellbeing of staff is just as important as physical health. An Occupational Health provider’s services are varied and don’t just cover sickness absences and health checks.

At Wrightway Health, they help businesses gain access to the appropriate tools and services to challenge mental health in the workplace. They work with some of the best local mental health care providers who experts in their field who utilise proven techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy.

By collaborating with an Occupational Health provider businesses can enhance their understanding of mental health issues, such as chronic anxiety and depression, thus placing them in a stronger position to support staff.

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