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Occupational Health – Awareness Events in the Workplace

Occupational Health – Awareness Events in the Workplace

Published at 12:02am 15th November 2018.

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Many businesses actively encourage participation in awareness fundraising events.

Not only does it raise money for good causes, but it can also increase morale in the workplace. For example, Vodafone’s annual Big Bold Challenge allows staff to take part in various physical exercises such as swimming, running and cycling with top fundraisers making it onto a leaderboard.

As an employer, what awareness events should I look out for?

You can choose to fundraise for awareness events close to you and your employee’s hearts. Or maybe go for something random from AwarenessDays.com.

However, it may be best to choose something which could help your staff – businesses who work in dusty environments could do something for World Asthma Day on the 1st of May.

World Diabetes Day is another good cause to support, as it’s likely that at least one member of your team has either type 1 or type 2 (with over 3.6 million people diagnosed in the UK).

How about World Skin Health Day for companies who work with skin irritants? Or World Posture Day for organisations with staff who sit at desks for long hours, or are involved in heavy lifting.

With osteoarthritis affecting 8 million people in the country, World Arthritis Day is another great cause, especially for industries which involve physical labour, kneeling, squatting and frequently climbing stairs.

I’d love to get my company involved, but I can’t think of any fundraising ideas?

Don’t fret – there’s plenty of inspiration out there. From simple and inexpensive bake-athons to exciting and adventurous excursions such as abseiling, The Giving Machine has a plethora of fundraising ideas to help get you started.

What else can I do to help?

Wrightway Health announce many awareness days through their Twitter page. By sharing this information, the likelihood of individual donations increases. It only takes a few seconds to do and could help impact people’s lives for the better.

Follow them on Twitter to keep up to date, help spread the word and support positive change.