Working for your business.

KL.FM 96.7 is the number one provider of local content on-air, on-line and via social media.

Over the last 25 years, KL.FM has evolved into much more than just a radio station. We are now a multimedia communications platform in every sense of the phrase.

KL.FM is now consumed through the web, mobile and social media as well as traditional radio. We allow your business to reach our audience, your potential customers, in all these ways, promoting your business more effectively than ever before.

Listeners choose us because we are a locally-focused station at the heart of the community. We really are first for news! If a big story unfolds or something extraordinary happens in the area we are there to seize the moment. Listeners turn to us for local information and updates in favour of national stations. We also have local weather and travel news with regular updates throughout the day. Our great music includes a variety of hits from the last five decades.

This makes KL.FM appeal to the whole family!

Why Advertise on KL.FM

Hi-fi playing KL.FM on Radio

Radio Advertising

Results-driven advertising campaigns. Our experienced team will help you plan your campaign to ensure it reaches the right target audience with the right message. Each campaign is tailored to suit your individual objectives. We believe in looking after our customers and providing extraordinary customer service.


Sponsor a show or a feature on-air and online! Sponsorship is a really quick and effective way of quickly building and maintaining awareness of a brand or a product. Your business will build association over time.

There are various sponsorship opportunities online and on air. You could sponsor a specific web page that suits your brand, sponsor and on-air feature or even both! Talk to us and find out what is most appropriate for your business.

Online Advertising

Our website provides up-to-date news, travel and weather information, viewed by thousands on a daily basis. We also offer various ways for visitors to interact with our site and everything you hear online is mirrored on our website. 

You can advertise on our website either in addition to on-air campaigns or on its own. The opportunities are endless, including banner ads, sponsorship, custom competitions, vouchers and data capture.