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Bit of a Hit

Bit of a Hit

Play Bit of a Hit each weekday with Posh Charles and McDonnell Caravans

Every day at around 17.40 Posh Charles plays a Bit of a Hit on the radio, and he needs your help to identify the title of the song and the artist name.

If you call in when he opens the phone lines and give the correct answer on air you'll win a KL.FM pen!

Terms & Conditions

  • These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with KL.FM’s standard terms and conditions, available online here
  • Entry methods are opened daily with an on-air announcement at approximately 17.20 for players to register during the contest period. 
  • One player is picked at random from all entries to guess the song and artist. 
  • At KL.FM’s absolute discretion more callers may be taken in each contesting segment. 
  • Should the guess prove incorrect the same theme will be played on subsequent days. 
  • KL.FM may, at any point, publish wrong guesses across social media and websites. 
  • KL.FM may, at its absolute discretion, provide clues at certain points during the contesting period. These may include but are not limited to on-air, social media and other digital channels. 
  • At any time during the contest KL.FM may offer the day’s contestant a prize of equal value for undertaking an additional secret challenge at the radio station’s absolute discretion.

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