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We've got the sound. Now you have to work out the secret!

The Secret Sound

OK, here is the deal...

We have a sound, it's a secret. All you have to do is work out what the noise is to win the cash. We'll give you four chances each weekday to play and another chance on Saturday and Sunday.

Listen out for the cue to call and then dial 01553 692192 for your chance.

The Secret Sound



Incorrect Guesses

take a drink out of a water cooler and bubbling up

Deleting on Ipad

the noise of the toothpaste tube running along the bristles of a toothbrush

The pump in a fish tank

pluck strings of instrument


Dishwasher finishing notification sound

Wooden gurio

Wooden frog - running stick down its back

running your thumb across the teeth of a comb

Washing machine notification sound of door unlocking

Itv Hub sound effect when they introduce a program

Sound of the corrugated bendy Straw being pulled

Reply through Facebook while they're typing

American Fridge freezer - open the doors


Dental Floss

Chain of a plug in a bath

Liquid soap dispenser dispensing soap

A Cable or zip tie being tightened up

Walkie talkie

Sound of an electronic keyboard

Sound of running water

Rubbing a stick against the outside of a bottle of water

Zip being pulled up

putting home phone back in charging holder

The Exercise Alarm on an Apple Watch

the answer appearing on the screen during quiz show

Connecting your phone to a Bluetooth speaker

interactive robot called Vecta

Warning when your the car and you leave lights on

Ruler going boing on a desk

A Door bell

Putting ice into a glass

Plugging in a dash-cam

Bead maze plonking the beads down

Alexa powering up

Popping Bubble Wrap

Putting home phone back on the charging station

Filling up a thermos flask - last few drops


Key card for hotel room

brushing past the radiator and the zip rubs against the ridges

Alert for an email on a mobile

Pouring Peas in to a saucepan

Reacting to a direct message on Facebook messenger

TV sound for when you turn it up or down

Scrapping a tin with a spoon

running your fingers down the chord of a blind

Really old toy - Wooden dog pulled makes a noise

R2 D2

Zip on shopping trolley

Teeth on a comb

Electric Iron pressing button to let steam out

The sound just before the dial tone when calling someone on a mobile

Putting a cordless house phone back on the holder

Sound of an Xbox starting up

sending a message on messenger, buttons on the iphone

Sending a heart on messenger and the screen animation that plays

Digital safe recognizing code and unlocking

a dolphin

bleeding a radiator

Lorry reversing warning sound

frozen peas in a pan

washing machine finished cycle sound

Holding for reactions on Messenger

When you press and hold on the emoji bar on message

Finishing poring a glass of wine or sherry

Push the dial on a gas cooker to ignite gas - clicking sound


Charging a Moterolla Phone

A Frog on a Lilly pad

Flossing your teeth

Sticker on messenger

Seat belt disconnected sound from dash board

Genochi - Virtual pet

playing a Flute

Cork coming out of a bottle of wine or champagne

Sellotape being taken from the roll


Dry Bones on Mario Bros on the wii

putting your finger on messenger to forward a message

A reindeer

Ice into a drink

Gasses in the back of a fridge or freezer

Mouse Trap

Sound effect on an organ

Bubbles coming up from a Drinking Fountain

teeth on a comb

a stick on roof tiles

Tumble Dryer turning off or on

Spinning a roulette wheel with a ball on it

Pealing the seal on a bottle of milk

Back space getting rid of loads of letters on Computer

Turning the wheels on a children's activity table

tapping fingers nails on surface

Running a finger nail along a radiator

Taking the key out of a lock.

toaster poping up

ringing of a WiFi call

A bar code reader -in a supermarket

Android Tablet being Switched On

sending just an emoji

Running fingers along a comb

electronic coin counter

Running a finger along the teeth of a comb

someone typing on messenger

Saving a picture on messenger

Medicine bottle- child lock clicking

Fast forward or rewinding Live tv (sky)

temple run - collecting the coins

hair straighteners

Pealing back the lid of a ring pull can

Jacobs Ladder dropping down

receiving a snapchat sound

Blinds being pulled up down - cord

Child prof cap twisting

New Facebook Messager notification sound - new message

Sound of an alert on the radio

Swiping a contactless debit card

Flipping a coin when playing a game

Just before the start of the ads on KLFM

Getting notification on your mobile

water down the plug hole - last few drops

Squeezing your tea bag

water down plug in sink

Wooden music instrument called a werio

A water feature

squeezing the water out of a tea bag

Switching on Kitchen Appliance

when a gold fish surfaces in a fish tank

iphone ringtone (popcorn)

Ripping paper from a notebook

When you bleed a radiator

Bird singing

Last drips of water as you turn the tap off in the sink

Running a wooden object down the side of rigged tumber glass

Running wooden stick across wheel spokes on bicycle

mixing something in water with a spoon - spoon hitting glass

Disconnecting and battery low sound on a phone

pan pipes blowing them

Gurio - Wooden instrument

Playing the piano but not a song tuning

Hair come finger going across

Slinky Toy

Breaking an egg into a hot frying pan

Wooden Crocking frog

the sound of someone replying on messenger

turning on Christmas lights

Fruit machine - gambling up

Coffee machine - putting pod in notification noise

Using a straw to blow bubbles into fluid in a glass

Pouring hot water into a mug

Putting ice in an empty glass

running a pen down a radiator

Connecting a phone Bluetooth to a portable speaker

Castanet clicking

Running fingers down a hair-comb

Putting a phone on charge

Warning sound on Sat Nav

Electronic notebook running out of battery

Rubbing a stick up and down an old washboard

Button runs along the side of a trolley

Sound of a boiling kettle

Liquid falling into liquid - Water

Running a zip over a shopping trolley

setting the alarm on a house or shop

Elastic band rolling with palm on a box

Alarm on an electric cooker

Scrolling to unlocking an iPhone

Mobile phone battery dying

Super Mario

Dominoes falling over

ticking of central heating coming on

Winding up a jack in the box

Extending a straw

Running finger along a hair brush

Winding a watch

Nail across a fine tooth comb

Cartoned drink bendy straw being extended straight

Wrist watch alarm

Winding up a toy drumming soldier

Dragging a bit of plastic across a tennis racket

Water running through a water filter jug

Running fingers along an egg slicer

Noise made when the last drips of water go down plughole

Unscrewing a plastic bottle of fizzy drink

Noise made when the last drips of water go down plughole

Running fingers along an egg slicer

Water running through a water filter jug

Cords on a harp being plucked

Putting the code into a digital safe and it accepting/rejecting the code

Banging something along a row of glasses


Musical instrument, wood across the top

Strumming the strings at the end of a guitar - headstock

When you leave fridge open - alarm

Sound of an abacus

Stick along a metal railing

Scrolling through numbers on the iPhone to set an alarm

Filling up a hot water bottle

Running a pen down the side of serrated bottle of water

Xylophone kids toy

Switch the Washing machine on before pressing in the program

A peg flicking bike spokes

Laptop running out of battery

Facebook Reactions opening

one rung abacus

Garden lawn rake

pump in a fish tank going off

Toliet Tank refilling

Taking the plastic seal off a bottle of milk

Last few drops of water going into a cistern

Nail along a egg slicer

Deleting a message on Facebook messenger

Sound Phone Makes When It Goes On Charge

Wind chimes

Flicking a ruler

Closing a phone a holder

Collecting coins temple run

Pulling a zip up and down

Running fingers over a wet comb

Watercooler - drip from tap

facebook messenger Emjoi reaction noise

The sound of receiving a text message

Messenger deleting a message

Plastic straw being pulled - the stretchy bit

Bubbles fizzing up in a glass

facebook messenger alert sound

Space invader game shooting

Turning on and off make if washing machine

Wooden glockenspiel

4 dominoes hitting them together

Hands free phone dial tone

Programming a radio

Ringtone on a mobile

Twisting a rubics cube

Pressing and holding on messenger to reveal the reactions

Squeezing a tea bag - last few drips

Unlock a lock screen on a mobile phone

metal lid pulling back tin of tuna

Plucking the teeth of a comb

Digital Camera turning on

Child's tube toy

Opening the blinds

Playing The Spoons

Part of the call of the catocaly bird

Rain drops in a puddle

Wooden Wind Chime

Mallet across a pan pipe

Mallett across a xylophone

Take the security seal off plastic lid

Running a finger nail along the teeth of a comb

Wooden Frog

Bubbles coming up in a fish tank

Playing a Gyro

Running finger across a computer keyboard

receiving a message on messenger

Brush the top of a comb with your thumb

Plugging a phone in to a charger

Spring when you open a stapler

Pulling a bendy straw - stretching and let go

Love heart emoji on Facebook

Strumming wire on boiled egg slicer

Sending an emoji

Grain Tubes

Dental Floss Flicking Over Your Teeth

Touch Control On A Digital oven

Tap dripping

Alarm on a mobile phone

Playing a xylophones

Running finger or thumb over a comb


  • A cash prize which increases by £10 each weekday until the correct answer is identified.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  • The competition will run weekday mornings at 7.20 and 11.20, weekday afternoons at 3.20 and 6.20 and weekend mornings at 11.20 only unless stipulated otherwise by KLFM 96.7.
  • Entrants must be 18 years of age and over.
  • Prize fund starts at £100 and will increase in £10 increments each weekday with the prize fund being frozen over the weekend.
  • Each time, the on-air presenter will open the lines inviting callers to play usually 10 minutes before the above times by calling the studio on 01553 692192.
  • One entrant will be selected at random to play on-air.
  • Should the sequence not be able to run live, KLFM 96.7 reserves the right to pre-record a sequence with random callers who entered a previous sequence of this promotion which will run on the pre-recorded show day.
  • Any caller chosen to participate in such a pre-recorded segment will be made aware at the time of calling.
  • We reserve the right to solicit for entries via social media or other platforms and invite people to register for the promotion.
  • KLFM 96.7 reserves the right to provide clues prior to the contesting segment. KLFM 96.7 may at our discretion provide additional clues via but not limited to on air, social media, digital mediums and direct marketing.
  • Standard KLFM's terms and conditions apply.

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