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KLFM Competitions

The Secret Sound

It's no mystery... just a secret!

The most talked about radio competition in West Norfolk is back!

It's rather simple - we've recorded something making a sound, all you have to do is work out what it is.

We play each weekday at 7.20 and 11.20 am, 3.20 and 6.20pm plus with a bonus round on Saturday and Sunday at 11.20 am too, with Ancho's Kitchen Tex Mex Bar & Grill.

Listen to the sound


The incorrect guesses

Not sure whether your guess has already been mentioned on the radio? Then enter it into the search box below to find out.


Incorrect Guesses

zipping up a jacket

Tieing a Balloon

Middle of frustration - dice dome

Hole Punch

Trolly Jack letting a car down

Cleaning window with a squeegie

CD going in to a CD player

A car boot opening

Adjusting a car seat for leg room

A foot pump

opening a brief case

Paper going in to printer after pressing print

Turning on the windscreen wipers on a car

Closing the locks on a leather brief case

Pop up on the game pop up

Hitting a squash ball against the wall

Tennis, Grunt

Pressing a date stamp down

Torque rench what goes click

Staple Gun

Sandles Car Supermarket
About Ancho's Kitchen

Providing quality Tex Mex food made from fresh ingredients. Whether you're into our tasty tacos or handmade burgers, you're sure for a great night at King's Lynn's newest restaurant.

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