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We've got the sound. Now you have to work out the secret!

The Secret Sound

OK, here is the deal...

We have a sound, it's a secret. All you have to do is work out what the noise is to win the cash. We'll give you four chances each weekday to play and another chance on Saturday and Sunday.

Listen out for the cue to call and then dial 01553 692192 for your chance.

The Secret Sound



Incorrect Guesses

Watercooler - drip from tap

facebook messenger Emjoi reaction noise

The sound of receiving a text message

Messenger deleting a message

Plastic straw being pulled - the stretchy bit

Bubbles fizzing up in a glass

facebook messenger alert sound

Space invader game shooting

Turning on and off make if washing machine

Wooden glockenspiel

4 dominoes hitting them together

Hands free phone dial tone

Programming a radio

Ringtone on a mobile

Twisting a rubics cube

Pressing and holding on messenger to reveal the reactions

Squeezing a tea bag - last few drips

Unlock a lock screen on a mobile phone

metal lid pulling back tin of tuna

Plucking the teeth of a comb

Digital Camera turning on

Child's tube toy

Opening the blinds

Playing The Spoons

Part of the call of the catocaly bird

Rain drops in a puddle

Wooden Wind Chime

Mallet across a pan pipe

Mallett across a xylophone

Take the security seal off plastic lid

Running a finger nail along the teeth of a comb

Wooden Frog

Bubbles coming up in a fish tank

Playing a Gyro

Running finger across a computer keyboard

receiving a message on messenger

Brush the top of a comb with your thumb

Plugging a phone in to a charger

Spring when you open a stapler

Pulling a bendy straw - stretching and let go

Love heart emoji on Facebook

Strumming wire on boiled egg slicer

Sending an emoji

Grain Tubes

Dental Floss Flicking Over Your Teeth

Touch Control On A Digital oven

Tap dripping

Alarm on a mobile phone

Playing a xylophones

Running finger or thumb over a comb


  • A cash prize which increases by £10 each weekday until the correct answer is identified.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  • The competition will run weekday mornings at 7.20 and 11.20, weekday afternoons at 4.20 and 6.20 and weekend mornings at 11.20 only unless stipulated otherwise by KLFM 96.7.
  • Prize fund starts at £100 and will increase in £10 increments each weekday with the prize fund being frozen over the weekend.
  • Each time, the on-air presenter will open the lines inviting callers to play usually 10 minutes before the above times by calling the studio on 01553 692192.
  • One entrant will be selected at random to play on-air.
  • Should the sequence not be able to run live, KLFM 96.7 reserves the right to pre-record a sequence with random callers who entered a previous sequence of this promotion which will run on the pre-recorded show day.
  • Any caller chosen to participate in such a pre-recorded segment will be made aware at the time of calling.
  • We reserve the right to solicit for entries via social media or other platforms and invite people to register for the promotion.
  • KLFM 96.7 reserves the right to provide clues prior to the contesting segment. KLFM 96.7 may at our discretion provide additional clues via but not limited to on air, social media, digital mediums and direct marketing.
  • Standard KLFM's terms and conditions apply.

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