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This sound could win you cash! You just need to work out what it is

The Secret Sound

Guess the sound, win the cash!

We play The Secret Sound each weekday at 7.20am, 11.20am, 4.20pm and 6.20pm... and over the weekends at 11.20am all thanks to our friends at Frimstone Limited.

You can listen to the sound as many times as you wish, and, we even give you a complete list of all the incorrect guesses below so please make sure you check before you call.

Oh... and chances are, it won't be a stapler!

The Sound


Incorrect Guesses

Folding the ironing board down

A bus door closing

Pulling the toasting draw out

Taking a lid of a bic pen

Sliding Lid of a ice cream freezer

Old fashioned sun roof closing

Pulling A Roller Towel in Toilets

Minecraft sandstone block placing

toliet roll tube holder going back on to the holder

type writer key being pressed

Switching off an alarm

Masking tap gun going over a box

speed stacking beakers being put together

side slidy door closing on van


Dustbin bag being pulled off the roll

pull apart a postit note

Ripping a cheque out of a cheque book

Pushing a filing cabinet draw in

Pressing a button on an electric fan

Pulling aluminium foil out of the roller and stappling it

hitting a Squash ball with the racket

Opening of a cereal box

Putting a battery into an object

Badminton Hitting a Shuttlecock

Clicking a fan throw the different speeds

Cracking the chocolate on top of ice cream pots

Pulling the leaver on a paper towel dispenser

Pull a phone charger out of the wall plug

Old fashion football rattle

Shacking a pair of jeans

A combination lock unlocking on a door

Perforated strip on a card board box

Glove box being closed on a car

iPhone sending an email

pulling a wipe out of a dispencer

folding a wing mirror out

button press

Whipping a wet towel before

opening an envelope

turning on the microphone

Wii sport tennis serve

Undoing the lid on a metal jar

Slicing with cheese wire

Magnadoodle wiping it off

Video cassette - top loader

Taking the lid of a tupper wear pot

Door Handle

Retractable sun shade

Seatbelt retracting

Tearing off toilet from a holder


Fireworks going off echoing

Letting down Venetian blinds

Putting an office phone back onto the holder

Bread Bin closing

Seat belt retracting

Clicking a pen

Dropping the lid from a cardboard box onto a table

Turning a rubix cube

Opening and closing a pair of scissors

Kick starting a motorbike

Flicking the lid off a pen

Hitting a Swing ball

Drawer closing on a metal filing cabinet

Pull a plug out of a sink - the gurgling noise

The cutter in a receipt machine

Bending a plastic sheet to make the wobble sound

Digital shutter sound on Phone camera

Pull the start cord on a lawn mower

A Nerf gun being Fired

Measuring tape going back in

Magnet being put on a fridge

Paper guillotine

Paper Binder

Dishwasher opening and shutting

Putting down a suitcase

Touch lid on a bid opening

Unclipping the seat belt

Microwave door being shut

Box of A4 paper being dropped from a height

Recording from I'm A Celeb Get Me Out Of Here

Tennis racket hitting a ball

Shutting a washing machine door

Pulling a key out of a car ignition

Pulling off a velcro seal

Let the latch off a yale lock

A Windscreen wiper going across a frosty windscreen

Toilet Brush cleaning the toilet!

bullets coming out of a nerf gun

Changing gear

Closing of a DVD case

plastic fly swat

Stropping belt

Briefcase shutting

Mousetrap going off

Pulling on a light switch in a bathroom

Release a bonnet catch on a car

Dishwasher door closing

Dart being thrown at a dart board

Old fashioned credit card slider

Pulling off the metal lid from a bottle of pop or beer

Pulling a plastic lid off a paint pot

Unlocking a door with an electronic

Type writer

old library book stamp

Typewriter carriage

Tenderizing meat - bashing

Going over the white lines in the road

Central locking boot release button

Franking machine

Closing a big book

Book dropping on the floor

Old fashioned apple slicer

Dishwasher tablet going plonk!

Putting a plug in the socket

Air freshener puffing

Pinging a ruler flat on a table

Spring that stops the door banging

Tire changing in a garage

Shutting a cutlery Draw

Putting your handbrake on in the car

Opening a briefcase

Putting a biscuit tin lid back on

Paper guillotine

Shutting the cabin door on a plane

Ball on computer mouse

Play button on a cassette player

Patio sliding

Pulling the top off a resealable bag

A Pully on a Petrol Lawn Mower

Desk closing

Champagne cork

Closing your electric windows on a car

Jukebox record selector

Pulling headphones out of a phone

Opening a tin of powdered milk

Foil top off Pringles

A venetian blind going up

Swatting a fly with a fly swat

A Soft close draw

Flap on the letterbox

Pinging and elastic band at someone

Sucking Spaghetti

sellotape being pulled off a cardboard box

opening or closing a shop til

Tennis ball being struck

Adding up machine

Industrial bag sealer

Top of a clicking pen

Opening a can of coke of beer

Cold store door closing

Petrol Cap on a Car

Press the fuel filler flap to open it

Industrial Staple Gun

Photocopier releasing the paper

Kickstarting a motorcycle

An apple getting cut with a knife

Cherry De - Stoner

Chopping an apple in half with a sharp knife

Pulling a tissue from a tissue box

A plastic bag sealer

Goal on Air hockey machine

Eating an apple

A knife thrower throwing a knife into the board

A mattress unfolding

Dyson Tube sliding out to use attachments

Putting a lid on or off a lipstick

The monster from the go compare ad that eats money

Bow and Arrow- Arrow hitting target

Buttering a slice of toast

Pumping a tire with a bicycle pump

A Sink Plunger being removed

Dart hitting a dartboard

Chopping a Log of wood


Getting a bit of sellotape off the despencer

Tennis ball shooter

Guillotine for chopping paper

Ice dropping from defrosting freezer

Windscreen wipers frost stuck

Arms on a rotary airier

Silver Foil Vacuum Top on a Principles Tube


Pedal on a bin

Petrol pump being put back

Arrow leaving a bow and hitting a target

Lock button on an iphone or ipad

Freezer lid being shut down

Closing a fridge or freezer door

Biting a stick of celery

Polaroid camera when you pull the strip from the back

Opening the curtains in the morning

Guillotine for chopping paper

Opening your fuel flap

Closing a van door

Revolving door

Taking a wax strip off a leg

Unlocking and opening a double glazed window

removing the plastic cover from a milk bottle

Striking the keys on an electric writer

Push the button on an umbrella


Industrial newspaper printer

Old wooden school guillotine

Shutting double glazed window

pushing the soap dispenser

Crossbow bolt or arrow hitting a target

Opening a ring pull can - like sardines

Electric Air Freshener

Shut a tuppawear tub

Rapid Fire Nerf Gun

Hole punch through paper

Taking a photograph

Cat Flap

Foil seal inside a glass coffee jar

Button on hoover to pull cord in

Garden gate bolt

Turning the pages of a book

Knife cutting through an apple

Date stamp

Sash double glazed window closing

Chopping a carrot

Biting into an apple

Loft hatch Closing

Dart on a dartboard

Cash register

Microwave door closing

Bow and Arrow

Whipping a bamboo cane

An Axe chopping into a tree

Wire on the hoover - recoil

Car key opening

Washing machine door locking

Putting the lid back on the kettle

Plunger unblocking a sink

Computer Mouse Click

Opening and closing a glove box

Putting a fridge magnet on a fridge

Slidy drawer at petrol station at nighttime

Bar on a bar billiards table

Throwing a dart at a dartboard

Shutting a chest Freezer

Closing the boot on the car

Clicking a car indicator

Ring pull can plastic opener

Stamp at doctors

Dropping a pack of paper

Golf club hitting a golf ball

Petrol pump cutting off after filling up

PVC door handle being pushed up to lock

Skateboard wheel going around


Closing or opening an oven door

Pulling the plastic seal off the top of a milk bottle

Central locking on a van locking

Parking ticket machine giving you a ticket

Opening a bottle - Twist cap

slapping their thigh

Patio sliding and locking

Closing a Lock like a padlock - Click

Punchbag at a fairground

A Pair of dress making scissors cutting fabric

Food Processor

Turning off a pull cord light switch

Printer ejecting paper

Putting kettle back on holder

Tennis Racket hitting a tennis ball

Shutting a briefcase

Cutting paper with a guillotine

An air tight door closing

Open a door and it sticks

Ink cartridge going back into play

Slicing a cabbage

Bite out of an apple

Snooker cue hitting another ball

Snooker ball hitting another snooker ball

Shooting an arrow

Paper cutter

Toaster Pushed Down

Striking a Match

Swiping a coat hanger along the rail

Electric Car Window going up

A Car seat sliding in to place

Knife Sharper

Cup dropping in a vending machine

Training Tennis ball shooter

Central locking on a car locking

Guillotine for chopping paper

Money shoot in a department store

Arrow hitting the target board archery

Letter box flap closing

Supermarket Fridge Door shutting

Opening or closing a fridge/ freezer

Opening a packet of crisps

Guillotine for chopping paper

Stamp like at a post office or library

Shuffling a deck of Cards by hand

Vegetable Cutter

Closing the lid on a tassimo style coffee machine

Flicking through a packet of envelopes

Flipping through a picture book

Hole Punch

Closing the first aid box

Windscreen wipers on the screen

Electric stapler

Opening a sliding van door

Opening a cardboard

Paper Guillotine

A Stapler

Shutting a kitchen drawer

A Wind screen wiper on a car

Pushing the handle down on fire escape door

Pinball flipper

Chopping wood and falling to floor

Closing the metal bits in a ringbinder

Nail Gun

Office guillotine

Car door closing

Someone opening a briefcase

window shutting

Guillotine paper cuter

A squash ball hitting the racket

Squash ball hitting the wall

Sliding a patio door closed

Car central locking

Electric Rewind cable - hoover

Hitting a tennis ball with tennis racket

Closing sliding patio door

A Tile Cutter


  • A cash prize which increases by £10 each weekday until the correct answer is identified.

Terms and Conditions of Entry

  • The competition will run weekday mornings at 7.20 and 11.20, weekday afternoons at 4.20 and 6.20 and weekend mornings at 11.20 only unless stipulated otherwise by KLFM 96.7.
  • Prize fund starts at £100 and will increase in £10 increments each weekday with the prize fund being frozen over the weekend.
  • Each time, the on-air presenter will open the lines inviting callers to play usually 10 minutes before the above times by calling the studio on 01553 692192.
  • One entrant will be selected at random to play on-air.
  • Should the sequence not be able to run live, KLFM 96.7 reserves the right to pre-record a sequence with random callers who entered a previous sequence of this promotion which will run on the pre-recorded show day.
  • Any caller chosen to participate in such a pre-recorded segment will be made aware at the time of calling.
  • We reserve the right to solicit for entries via social media or other platforms and invite people to register for the promotion.
  • KLFM 96.7 reserves the right to provide clues prior to the contesting segment. KLFM 96.7 may at our discretion provide additional clues via but not limited to on air, social media, digital mediums and direct marketing.
  • Standard KLFM's terms and conditions apply.

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