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The Secret Sound

a loom or a weaving machine

Suitcase padlock

Vending Machine

Open the cover of a smoke alarm

Compact cerset player - pressing button to rewind or fast forward

Hand blender for cakes

coffee pod machine

Turning on a kettle

Tennis ball launcher

Torck wrench

Central locking key for car

VHS machine button click and rewind

Wobble ball

Turning indicator on a car

Pushing a revolving door

impact wrench

A Briefcase being shut

Automated hand towel dispenser

Frustration game

computer mouse old school

Shower cord to turn on power

Roller blind being pulled up and let down

Throw coins into a purse and zip up


board game with dice dome clicking rolling

Powered Tin Opener

Paint pot lid coming off

Opening a petrol cap on a car

Switching Shower on

Electronic salt / pepper grinder

Floor board being stood on

Panel Beating getting the dent out of a car with a plunger

Releasing the handbrake - the whole motion

Game of swing-ball

Ball hitting a cricket bat

Train ticket machine

clicking in a seat-belt

Squash ball hitting the court

A Door opening

Pressing a button on a retro computer


Old fashioned typewriter

Filling up petrol, lifting the nosel

turning on an electric toothbrush

taking the film seal off a pringle tub

Answer phone just before it clicks in to speak to you

Undoing the seat belt in a car

A suction pop up spring toy

the old school sliding guillotine that cut cardboard

turning a printer on the ink cartridges moving

Gymnastics spring board

Ping Pong Ball Launcher

Bicycle Pump

Putting coins in a Arcade machine

Window Closing, latch going down

Turning on a DAB radio

Taking the money out of a cash machine

Vacuum cleaner being switched on

Dog treat training clicker then a bark

Car cup holding press and release to flip out

Press Bins

Cutting paper with scissors

Pricing gun

Unlocking, lifting the catch, and opening patio doors

Ball release on a pin ball

unlocking a brief case - the catch

Hoover compartment for attachments

old-fashioned telephone directory

Ticket through train gate

Hitting a jar and twisting to open

An automatic air-freshener going off

Turn on and off a walkie talkie

Paper Shredder

Press and release door catch - Cabinet door

pushing the button on a pen down

Pressing Down on a 1st Aid Rescue Dummy

Playing tiddlywinks

Starting up and electric sewing machine

Door lock release on washing machine after cycle

Needle being put/ taken off the record on a record player

Walking through the ticket gate at the train station

Catch on a kitchen cupboard clicking

Ring-binder - flat bit of metal Humming and Herring

opening a cooler box

open or close a tin of paint

open on shut your sun roof

Electric Stapler

Retractable dog lead

Retractable washing line

Date coding gun

Button to roll the dice on a frustration

Frustration popper

Freshness popper on a jar

The noise of putting the bendy rubber pipe into a hoover

Taking a photo with a Polaroid camera

Clicking a seat belt into the holder

Opening / Closing Car Glove Box

Camera Shutter sound

Seat being being released

Dishwasher closing

Locking a mobile phone

Lottery machine

Press Microwave button and door opens

Central locking on a car

Turning a jet washer on

Central locking on a car

Turning a jet washer on

saloon doors

Pressing a pop up plug in the sink

relieving a car handbrake

shutting and locking a car door

Key fob opening a car

A Foot Pump

Hand operated spring loaded bin

Recliner chair

Nail Clippers - pushing lever down

Squirting bottle of shampoo- the stopper noise retracting to prevent dripping

Popper / Dice

spring doorstop twang

Straw through a takeaway cup lid

Pup up/ jumping toy

Cork out of wine bottle


Whoopy cushion

Chopping wood

Straw going through plastic lid of drinks container

Washing machine door open

Cycle helmet being unbuckled

carpet laying tool for scurtiy

Cap of a bottle water

Pressing a button on a remote

Remote central locking on a car

Hole Punch

Putting money in the pool table

Hitting a golf ball off the tea

Plugging a charger into the bottom of an iPhone

Opening door - walk in fridge

Axe chopping the end of a piece of wood

Auto Camera Lense Shutter

serving in table tennis

Freshness popper on a jar

Nail Gun

Mechanical Scales

Car door Hinge - opening door and makes strange noise

Pushing a plug into a socket

Putting a landline back on its receiver

Plunger to unblock drains

playing table tennis hitting ball on table

Opening a latch on window

Pulling up the handbrake

Bouncing the basket ball

jumping off a diving board

Car central locking

Retracting lead from a hoover

Hitting a tennis ball

Frustration pushing popper in middle

disc drive draw opening and closing

Cling Film dispenser

Sweetner dispenser

Tin foil pack shutting and ripping

playing table tennis hitting ball

Mechanical Passport Stamp

Whack a Mole - arcade game - hitting the rat

Water gun

Letter through letter box

lifting and extending the arm rest in a car

Rabbit hutch

Electric screwdriver pulling a nail out of wood

Twin top bottle top

Table tennis ball being hit and bouncing off the table

beer pong

light switch on and off

Pulling the chord on an old ceiling light fan

A tin opener

Brief Case opening

Tassimo going in a machine

taking a disc out of a case

windscreen wipers

Popping the dice in Frustration

Airwick Air Freshener

closing a car bonnet on its latch

Chopping board - cutting through dragging knife

Double Door Closer

Hydraulic office chair

Suction cap for sat-nav on window screen removing

Clicking window wipers on, rubbing sound on window

Pressing and releasing a button

petrol cap being released on a car

Opening a tupper ware box

Coffee at college asda

putting a printer cartridge into a printer

compact cassette player, pushing button to open tray

Resus Dummy

The metal clip inside a tea/coffee canister being flicked up

Nail Gun

Putting foot down on the peddle of a peddle bin

Hitting the badminton shot

Needle on a record player hitting the vinyl

Frustration board game

taking lid off a plastic takeaway container

Echo Dot - funny noise

Opening an umbrella

Clicking the door open, with a creak

Metal Door stop - springing

Self-closing door

making toast - pop up

Saloon Door

Pulling the ring pull on a can of fizz

Pull leaver and chair going down

Putting on an Electric car hand break

Turn a ball point pen upside down and press the top down

Leaver arch file opening

mechanic's air gun

Knocking on a door

Squeaky floorboard

Little plastic container with a salad from supermarket

central locking

Unclick and then unzipping a suit case

Cat Flap with microchip

Machine in her workplace

The pig goes pop (children's board game)

Automatic soap despencer

Dog or cat flap

fresh button on a jar


Hands free changing from phone to hands free

Rocking chair wooden floor

Taking a rubber glove off

Biting into an apple

Popper button on Frustration Game

Leaver arch file opening

Pressing a plastic bottle

Opening the dishwasher

When you start the car - turning the ignition


Open a suitcase

Pop n catch

Opening or closing a draw

Ludo - pressing the bit to roll the dice

Automatic car boot

undoing a seat-belt

Opening a can of tind food with a ring pull

Pushing down a ballpoint pen

Safety catch on a medicine

opening a Tin of Coffee - the inner film

Clocking in and out machine

turning the car ignition

Someone playing table tennis

taking a plastic lid off a polestarine cup

Envelope going through a franking machine

Table Tennis Playing

Straw into takeaway cup

Bicycle Pump

Used Coffee capsule being removed from coffee maker machine

Putting a card into a cash machine

Peeling back a tin of coffee


A trampoline being jumped on

Door knocker

A Pogo Stick

Pen clicking

pulling the door-handle up to lock it

hitting a tennis ball with a racket

Kitchen Bin - press lid - pops up

Car windscreen wiper

Magnetic Latch on a kitchen cupboard door

Throwing a item into a bin and swinging lid sound effect

paper Punch

Opening the tip of a lid on a takeaway hot drink

Battery operated air fresheners

Foot pump

Sawing wood and the saw gets stuck

the cray frog game - hammer whacking

Jam Jar being opened

garden gate being closed

Dog training Clicker

Glow stick

Straw going through plastic lid of drinks container

Car window wiper

Cupboard door springing open when you push

Punching a straw through a takeaway cup


Closing a jack in the box toy

Knocking on the door and then the dog barking

Taking a photo on an old camera

bat hitting a ping Pong ball

Old fashioned toy - moo box - tip upside down and it sounds like a cow

Cat Flap

Playing tennis, hitting the ball

zipping up a jacket

Tieing a Balloon

Middle of frustration - dice dome

Hole Punch

Trolly Jack letting a car down

Cleaning window with a squeegie

CD going in to a CD player

A car boot opening

Adjusting a car seat for leg room

A foot pump

opening a brief case

Paper going in to printer after pressing print

Turning on the windscreen wipers on a car

Closing the locks on a leather brief case

Pop up on the game pop up

Hitting a squash ball against the wall

Tennis, Grunt

Pressing a date stamp down

Torque rench what goes click

Staple Gun

Sandles Car Supermarket
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