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Incorrect Guesses

Pushing a gate too, sound of the mechanism

CD Loading in to a car CD player

Old plastic 70s retro coffee dispenser

Buttons that you click together on a duvet

Trap That Comes Down At The end of mouse trap

Cutting toast in half

Keys being thrown on table

Cutting a potato on a chopping board

Opening a microwave door

Ash Tray with middle plunger

On air and off air button

Digital coin counter money savings jar

Crunching a plastic water bottle

Opening a banana

Blowing up a balloon with a Balloon pump

Twist a salt or pepper grinder

Closing the clip on a purse

Extending hose

Open tea caddy

One pound coin dispenser holders

Potting a pool ball

Pulling the cord on a venetian blinds

Double glazed door lifting handle to look

Old Credit Card machine - swipe

Treading on gravek

Veg chopping gadget

Old Baord Game Frustration

Auto kettle switching off

Copping a carot

Automatic Air Freshener

Letter Box spring loaded hitting door

sping loaded umbrella

opeing coffee pot - puncture

go go kids instrument

Snooker ball in pocket

Emptying the recycle bin on a computer

Self Service till taking your money and giving you change

Petrol pump onto holder

Tip Pringles out of the tube

Lottery Machine spitting out the ticket

Headlight switch

Ripping the seal on a pack of biscuite

Falling in the snow

Closing the lid on a bread bin

Stapling a cornflake

Putting up an Ironing Board and hiting all the notches

pushing draw washing machine

Click and catch - childs toy

kettele on a base then switching on

umbrella opening

Taking a bite of a corn on the cob

Gratting an Orange or lemon on a grater for the zest

Frustation popper on board game

Switching plug on at wall

Automatic release of a tennis ball and someone hitting it with a racquet

Stanley knife cutting a bit of carpet

Refiling the stapeler

Firing a starting pistol

Garden Gate shutting

Locking a double glazed door and turning the key

Electronic Pet/Cat Flap

Putting lid on a lunchbox and then letting the air out

Credit card carbon copy machine

Ajusting Paper and closing the paper tray on a printer

Clipping a trolly back in

Putting a plug into a socket

Toliet Flushing

opening btrief case

closing cover

Playing Jacks

Unfold your wing mirror

Party blower rolling back in

cutting throgh icing on birthday cake

slide bolt

sd card going in

An apple corer - disc

Ripping the tape off of a delivery box

Running fingers across keyboard

Opening and closing a pair of scissors

Putting a key into a lock and opening and shutting the door

Sliding a Loft ladder and it clicking into place

Opening and closing of a chest freezer

Cricketer being caught

Screwed up crisp packet being thrown in the bin

Using a fly swater

Opeoing briefacse

Slicing a melon

Unlocking the front door

Piercing and tearing the sellotape on a parcel

Box of tissues, pressing the middle bit in and pulling a tissue out

Plastic egg box

Washing machine on - shut door press button

Yo Yo

Tumble Dryer Door Closing

a safe unlocking, key pad

Jelly coming out of a jelly mold

The sound of a beating flag

Kettle lid - closing

ring bind machine

putting phone down

A mousetrap

Open the tabs on the box on Deal or No Deal

Taking off a rubber glove ( marigolds)

Loading a Nerf gun

Sound of tap Shoes in irish dance

Ring pull on a tin of beans

Caravan being unhooked or hooked up and the jocky whell being dropped

Sound made by your recycling bin

Ripping arcade tickets out of machine

electric kettle going back on the base

Opening curtains really quickly

Pushing a plunger down on a cafetiere

Handle on a dyson that you extend


Sliding Freezer Door

Paper lid of a tin of pringles

Cash Til in Open All Hours

Tumble Dryer Door Closing

Breaking a riveta

Cash machine closing

Someone pressing the snooze button on an alarm clock

Inserting trolley lock to return your £ coin

Inside door handle

Desktop stapler Industrial stapler

Turning the pages on an online brochure

Sliding a patio door and clicking

Opening and shutting of gate

Handle when you release it on a fire door

Machine that puts tin foil tops on wine bottles

Bouncing up and down on a pogo stick

Press Stud

Pedal Bin

Slding patio door

Meat slicer

Biting into an apple

Biting into an apple

Medicane bottle

salt grinder

Tax return machine

Books falling over on a bookcase

old fashioned bus conducter

Petrol pump on catch

Opening a tub of baby formula

Homemade chip maker crushing the potato

Tupperware opening a lid

Shovelling grit

Tossing a Pancake and it landing in the pan

speedway gate - tapes go up

Shutting a briefcase

Twisting a pepper grinder

Wall Stapler

Heating turning on

Fidge door opening

Can being crushed by a can crusher

Coffee Pod being secured in a tasimo

unlokcing large padlock

opening mulitpack beer - cardborad

Cracking an egg

Carpet fitting tool

Rolla towel dispensing machine

Rolla towel dispensing machine

laptop lid

lid of a take away tub

Twirly wsahing line

old school record player - cueing

Someone buttering a bit of toast

Putting kettle on base and turning on

In car - seat back

Crushing a crisp packet - caravan snettishm

Snapping Spaghetti

Biting Into An Apple

Collating machine - coin counter

Rolling the dice out of the Yahtzee

Opening beans with ring pull

Rolling the dice out of the Yatse

Opening beans with ring pull

sweet machine - twisting silver thing

Lock on a wsahing machine

Pulling the newspaper through the letter box

Taking the lid off a chinese takeaway and dropping it onto the table

Pod in coffe - pull leever

Rubbing microphone against jeans

Button on pantry door

Adjusting the side of crutches

A donkey bucking on buckaroo

Battery being put into a battery charger

securing a ratched strap

Crust in a french stick

Hole punch

Pulling down the tray in the back of a car

popping a tablet out of blister pack

Rubbing microphone on hand tapping it too

Gurney going up and down

tearing a tube of glue

Fill a marigold glove up and squeeze

Post office bank stamps

An edge punch for card

Button on a sweetener dispenser

Walking a long the bech and crush razer clams

Automatic flush - click

Open tub of paint

Franking machine

Speedway rider scraping his boots

Car cigarette lighter whe it pops out

Ear Picing gun

Loft Hatch

Cracking an egg in to frying pan

Lifting the handle on a door to double lock

Pressing the Button on a pedestrian crossing

bookbinding machine

plastic cup vending machine

Sound of the old credit card machine

Handheld guillotine

The side of a babies cot lifting up and clicking into place

An item being dispensed from a vending machine

Hand held gun on end of hosepipe going on and off

Foot tapping clapping

Shutting the glove box in a car

Trampoline springs

locking the clasp on suitcase

Slicing an apple on a wood chopping

Bite out an apple

Manual food chopper

Sliding a bolt on a gate or door

Opening or closing a PVC door

Taking a CD out of a case

Opening a McDonalds straw

Shopping basket being placed down when full and the handles drop

paper gulieteen - the long arm

Rachet branch lopper

A coin being pushed into a coin operated telephone

Cordless kettle on the base and switching it on

Opening a box on the programme of Deal or No Deal

Soliders standing to attention

Retro games console game being put in and powered up

Squashing a plastic cup and it springs back up

Crunching on a sweet

Zip on your jeans going up and down

Coin Mechanism like on a pool table

Cracking their knuckles

Reloading a Polaroid Camera

letter through letter box

Plastic ice scraper

Connect 4 Coin Dropping

Pins falling back in place on the pin-it game

Washing basket dropped on floor and pushed

Taking a tablet out of a packet

Opening a tin of corned beef

Firework going off

Putting a golf ball

Paking meter - giving ticket

Dog Collar - plastic clip on a back clip

Buble Gum Machine

opening a tube of pringles foil bit

Horse eating hay

Rifle being cocked and loaded

Push a pencil down and snap the lead

Plastic Fork Clip on a Ruck Sack

Ink cartridge

Old typewriter - pull back

Tortoiuse eating lettuce

Nuematic Tube System

replacing lid on tin

Donkey eating a carrot

A horses hoof on concrete

Pulling out a weed

Putting a plug into a soccet and switching the switch on

Flicking through brouchure

Pinning paper to cork board

Washing machine door

Rolling an elastic band down a roll of paper

Opening the Foil lid on a tin of pringles

Opening bag of dry rice

Score piece of glass

Date Stamp

Centre of a board game

Firing a spud gun

Counter clicker

Pet pill gun

Cycle on washing machine

Opening/closing a shampoo bottle

Pushing the top of a pen in and out

Pushing the stalk of a pepper into the middle and ripping it open

Spade going into hard soil

Feather duster plastic cover

Peeling an onion

Dyson hoover going into charging dock

Washing Machine Program dial clicking around

Biting into a crispy Granny Smith Apple

Click Of button/switch on eleric car windows

Playing Tiddly Winks

Money flap on cash

Drainer out of Sink plug

Opening a packet of saop powder - the tag

Pushing the lid down on a pen

Sweetener dispenser - drops in cup

Coin making machine

Sound of a photo being taken on your phone

Coffee ground holder

Police baton

Lego together

Briefcast latch

Pulling a paper towel out of the dispenser

Key safe on outside of building closing

Bank clerk's reciept stamp

Scrunching a plastic water bottle

Rubber sucker lock in

Sellotape cutter

Biting into a crisp

Chopping some spring onions


Turning on boiler

Industiral tin opener

Sat nav into holder

Spine clamp on a holder for paperwork

Money bag dropping on table

Pull sellotape and rip on a holder

Cracking a boiled egg with a spoon

A car door automatically locking

Baby car seatbelt clicking

Foil being torn from the roll

Stop Watch - Click on and off

Water droplet sound

Bathroom sink plug that you pull and push to seal

Cutting Rhubarb

Set of keys neing chucked on woden surface

Dental floss

Arrow going in to target

Nutrabulliet cup, putting onto blender and twisting

Biting into a carrot

Electric safe unlocking

Frustration dome (board game)

Childprooof lock

Metal retractable tape measure

Wire mesh on fruit packaging

Lid down on wheelie bin

Clip on dog lead

Firing a Nerf gun

Pulling the seal off a can of pringles

The long handle on a suitcase

Opening an umbrella

Screwdrivers - push down automatic

Zip wire in the walks

Extend a telesopic selfie stick

Coin going into empty money box

Closing a binoculars case

Puff of steam from a steam cleaner

Shaking a 5p carrier bag

Putting a coin into a shopping trolley

A man sitting down in a blow up paddling pool

Tape tie machine at supermarket

Turning the gas hob on and off

Pet flap

Serving a shuttlecock in bagmington

Slelicphan scrunching up and releasing

Security chain on a door

Parcel tape dispensor

Golf ball returner

Blackberry Munch Screen

Garment of coat hanger and it springs out

Price gun

Retractable Dog lead

Opening a folding car key

Putting a handle on a grill pan

Opening a sandwich toaster


Electric knitting machine

fluffing up a duvet

Pulling lid off

Slding coat hangers on rail - chosing twhat o wear or buy

An Extendable Selfie Stick

Someone eating a crunchy apple

Aerosol can top being put on

Cellotape ripped of parcel

Stapleless stapler

Walking in the snow

Crushing a sugar cube


Taking a screenshot on an iphone

Garlic press

Copping cabbage on a glass chopping board

Stripping wallpaper

Putting a plant pot in a plant pot

Clicking sound when you open shutters of camera

Crushing Ice

Self locking car doors

Pulling a newspaper through letter box

Flick the mouth piece

Pushing a bar on the exit door to get out

Turning a dimmer switch off

Retro ash tray (push button)

Toy press down and it pops back up

Washing machine locking

Printer printing something

Breaking a kit kat

Tearing strips out a raffle

Flag going up flag pole

Gumball Machine

Childs toy pressing the spring

Childs toy pressing the spring

Opening a suitcase

Turnstyle at the football


Breaking dry Spaghetti

Flicking the pages of a book

Knife sharpener - pulling knife through and lifting out

Driving golf ball off tee

Pop the boot of the car

Tablet pushed out foil on to table

Tearing a page off a calendar

Biting into a crunchy biscuit

Hole Punch

Upholstery stapler

Magnetic catch on handbag

Cutting paper with scissors

Millitary Dril Show of arms

Flicking Through a Picture flip Book

View Master toy

Shutting a washing machine

Velcro wallet

Pulling screen protector off of phone

Credit card being rejected in cash machine

Dart going into a board

Clock in clock out old school

Button on double glazing handle

Kicking a football

Opening a crisp packet and pulling the sides tight so it closes again

Shuffling cards

Parking meter printing a ticket

Pricing gun

Pulling a sheet of toilet paper

Pushing in a 3 pin plug and switching the socket on

Breaking a straw of Haye

Biting into a crisp

Plaster being ripped off someone's hand

Brushing into a bucket

Empty yoghurt pot being crushed

Cloths Tagging gun

Kitchen draw closing

Disposable camera

Opening a coffee pot

Straightening a pack of cards by knocking them agaisnt the table

Open/closing a springloaded bin

Using a Rowing Machine

Undoing a disposable nappy

Airwick freshoner, sound of pressing button and air leaving can

Pulling the yellow seal on a loaf of bread

Stabbing a box with a pencil

Opening a briefcase

Doing up a plastic cable tie

Microwave meal - piercing cling film

Striking a match

Opening and closing bulldog clip

Cable Tie Tention & Trimmer

Emptie packet of crisps being blown into

Someone Brushing Long Hair

Tearing paper off a notepad

Someone pressing the button on a automatic unbrella

Spanish castonnet

Door handle being pulled up

Cabbacge being cut on chopping board

Hidlenburg Automatic, platenpress stop - printing press

Opening a can of Beer and the widget falling to the bottom

Sound of a coffee machine when its ready

Last counter in downfall

Coffee machine - pod going in

Scrunch upped bit of paper and someone stepping on it

Fuse Box - breaker swtich

Police Night Stick extending

Someone sitting on a woopy Cushion

Nut cracker

Fasten seatbelt

Pulling handle on one armed bandit

Cutting a cabbage

Key Going into a yale lock

Pressing the dome on the game frustration

Venitian blind closing

Lego connecting

Ice cream Scoop

Closing a fuel cap - the metal bit

Biting into a chocolate ice cream

Turning of a phone

Closing a bird feeder

Opening a glasses case

Pulling a cord on an extractor fan

Card key swipping to open a locked door


Press buttoon flask

Using a paintroller

Pulling a news paper through a letter box

Turning the Tele off by pressing the button on the TV

Eating an ice cream cone

biting into an apple

Pullinga sticky label off something

Open and Closeing a desk draw

Traing Grease proof paper on the white ridge inside roll

Opening a big umbrella

Ringpull being pulled back and lid removed

Opening a dishwasher after it's cycle

squeezing fast food sauce from dispenser

Scapping carrots

Bottle going into a bucket of ice

Rap Master Lid Closing

closing tablet section in a dish washer

Flicking through money

Cling Film perfaerating

Buttering Toast

Eating a cream cracker

Seal being pulled off

Bathroom Cabinet door closing

Condencer Draw on a tumble dryer closing

Potato Chipper

Cutting cabbage

Wine top being screwed back on

Supermarket trolley going in place after shopping

CD Muliti Changer chaning CD

Pushing the Play button on a cassette recorder

Putting money in a parking meter

Playing Tiddlywinks

Rip apart perforated paper on a payslip

Turning the dial on a heating thermomstat

Opening or closing a DVD case

staff door at a supermarket

Old style telephone bads

CD player - spring load

8 Track tape player

Flicking across a hairbrush to clean it


Switching on radio

Date Stamp

retracting tape measure - release lock

Strike a match on a match box

Pull up the non slip rubber bath mat

putting sellotape onto a parcel

buttons on a radio

Bread in machine - sealer

Parcel - strip to open cardboard box

A salad spinner

Timer on a tumble dryer

Bathroom light pull

Needle and thread through material

Slide projection when the picture drops

Pulling a plug out of a socket and then putting it back in again

Latch on a gate

Ball point pen

Cd in laptop

Air Hockey - disc cropping in slot

Unlocking fuel cap

Dymo Label maker

Popping tablets out of their foil

DVD back in the case

Cleaning product uncluck click - lights

Minute hand completing 60 second cycle

Play solitaire - move cards from one deck to another

Weaving loom

Wind up torch

Scraping ice

Shuffling cards

Cinema ticket machine

Crunching a crisp packet

Brown case - moving tab to side so lock opens

Security tag on a DVD in a shop

Clocking in machine

Flicking a tiddlywink

Clicking you fingers

Bedside lamp being switched on or off

Chopping cellery

pressing play or pause on a cassete deck

UPVC door clisong - lifting of the hanle

As the ball stops in a Roulette Wheel

Scruntching up bubble wrap

Shake a tea bag before putting it in the cup

Automated room fresheners

Garden Shears cutting

Locking a door with a barrel bolt - a big heavy one

2p coins in machine at arcade

Shoveling muck

Pulling celotape of something

Somebody biting into a piece of toast

Pressing the button on a camera

Electric boot opening button on a car

Old fashioned cash register

Button on umbrella

Shoveling dirt

Someone pulling the lid off a tupperware lunchbox

Opening a fan

Phone in the in-car holder

Party horn blowers

Letter going through a franking machine

Nut cracker

Thermos lid

video in player

Close a lever arch file

Turning the ignition off and taking the key

Someone using a guillotine

Champaigne cork

press button on lotterymachine on the tele

Childs Toy Car Pull back and release

Conductor clipping your ticket

Digging Into The Ground

Fortune cookie

Padlock locking

Heavy duty plastic banding

Changing a light bulb

Plastic cup dropping from a drinks holder

Post coming through the letter box and dropping

Veritcle blinds open and the plastic toggles hit together

lid on travel cup -flicky bit

Food Scooper - mashed potatoe

Golfer swinging at a golf ball

Vehicle indicator clicking off

Cutting an onion

closing a pvc door - lifting the handle

Umbrella - the swoosh coming down and the click

Flick cards for a film

Pushing the lid down on a CD player

Binding machine

Handheld electric blender

Vending machine

Tearing check out of chequebook

Dog bowl on dog feeding system

Ticket comes back out of the machine in the barriers at train station

Battery operated air freshener

Dowfall game - turning the dial and the counter dropping

Needle on a record

Walking in fresh snow

Putting a cassett into the machine and closing

Curtain pole ring

Clicking a ball point pen

Photocopier machine dropping the paper

Cutting the top off a pineapple

Digging the insides out of a pumpkin

Opening a Vanity Case

Someone in the gym using a butterfly press

Seal popping up on a new jar

Turning off the ignition very quickly and taking out the key

Changing price tags on plastic strips in supermarkets

Thumb under the next biscuit in pack

Signing a Signiature

Cord on the shower

Dropping a caravan on the toe hitch of a car

Old fashioned carpet sweeper

Opening a briefcase

Secateurs or pruners cutting through something

Opening a sealed envelope

knife through a sharpener

Heat seal plastic bag

kettle swithing off

Picture with a camera - shutter sound

Changing a nappy

Pulling a wax strip off

Pulling a Christmas Cracker

Rotary telephone

Hole punch

kettle swithing off

Rotary telephone

Hole punch

Kettle swithing off

Cup on to cup tree

Spring loaded self-inking stamp

Sound of spring when taking batteries out of something the wrong way

Retractable suitcase locking

Paper tray in a printer

Ticket falling out of a car park ticket machine


Garlic crusher

Blood pressure cuff - undo velcro

Washing machine opening

Pair of handcuffs - ratchet going into place

Emptying vacuum cleaner

Hole punch

Bag sealer

Hand break pulled up

Removing the foil seal from a can of snack food

Drawing pin going into a cork notice board

Pull cord in the bathroom

Facebook app - swipe down

Ski boot in ski

Rivet gun

Snooker ball going the down pocket

Lifting a ring pull on a tin

A dart being thrown into a dartboard

Pop up address book

Pinging elastic band

Plugging jack plug in

Shake a can of hair mousse and squirt a ball on your hand

Elastic band being pulled off a cardboard tube

Closing the washing powder drawer on the washing machine

Money in a 1930's gas meter

Opening a kinder egg

Security tag - touch and release

Cable Tie

Turning the pages of a digital magazine or newspaper

Scalextrix trigger

Inserting headphones into socket

Adjusting headphones to fit your head

Bursting bubble wrap

Ripping cardboard off a McDonalds coffee mug


Door lock


Coin return slot on a vending machine

Nail clippers cutting nails

Window Catch Closing

Posting through a letterbox


Opening a tin of corn beef with the key

Pull a hand wipe out of one of the tubs

When the arrow leaves the bow


Old fashioned door key

Plastic food container with a pop-up button

Percussion instrument (like a grater type thing)

Rolling dice on frustration

Removing a lightbulb

Bite into a really crunchy apple and pulling the chunk out

Pushing a vending machine door open

Taking a photo on your mobile phone

Pop rivet gun - pulling trigger

Car park ticket machine

Opening a ten pence carrier bag

Letters through the letterbox

Opening a packet of tic tacs

Chopping celery onto a wooden board

Breaking celery

Ping Pong ball hitting table then paddle

Sound of the suction cups as you remove a bath mat

Closing the glove box

Pulling your wellies out of the mud

Biting an apple

Doing up a seatbelt in the car

Steam iron when you press the steam button

Cup drops out of a coffee machine


Hole punch

Bathroom light switch

Domino rally

Opening a double glazed window

Opening an old style wallet

Tearing open a bag of sweets

Microwave door closing

Biting a crisp

Opening a KitKat in a traditional way

Binding machine

Pulling a plug out of a socket

Taking the security tag off

Football/stadium seat

Pulling the release clip on a sat nav suction cup

Newtons Cradle

Ratchet crimper

Nail Gun

Adjusting the height of the blades on a lawnmower

Putting a coffee pod into a machine

Opening a briefcase

Connecting tube to car tyre pressure

Piercing an aluminium film (like on a pot noodle)

Garden weeding tool that pull the whole weed out

Snapping wood

Toast Rack

Pulling paper into a printer

Check copy machine

USB being slotted in

A toy gun being loaded

Push door closing behind you

Chip cutting machine

Filling tooth - machine thing

Vegetable mandolin

Novelty toothpick dispenser

Washing machine cycle unlocks

Official date stamp machine at Post Office

A child's spinning top toy

Old original flash bulb on a camera

Opening a handheld fan

Someone drinking from a plastic bottle and the air reentering the bottle and expanding it

Opening a plastic egg box

Umbrella being opened

Bank card in ATM

Old Credit card machine that prints on paper

Poper on a wallet being put together

Heavy husband sitting down on leather seat

Biting into a pear

Popping a Paracetamol

Plugging your sat nav in the car

Pushing a straw through a carton

letter falling on doormat

Nail clippers

Press side of the phone - screensaver

Clicking a biro

Closing the washing machine door

Putting a card into a cash machine

Cassette presses play - button

Squashing down cardboard boxes

Cutting a parsnip

Pop out a sweeter (clicking mechanism)

Pack of cards flicking through

Flippers pinball machine

Staple gun putting up displays

Opening a cardboard egg box

Kick-starting a motorbike

Opening a can of pringles

Zippo Lighter - opening of a lighter

Biting into a crispy apple

Secateurs pruning a bush

Crushing a cardboard box

Auto air freshener

Biting a poppadom

Coffee pod falling into tray

Using an airline

Ice cube out of plastic container

Paint lid being removed

Sharpening a pencil

Auto chop machine

Lifting the latch to move a car seat

Ripping the cardboard about layer perforation

Pushing down on a liquid soap dispenser and it coming back up again.

Opening a Velcro wallet

Shelling a monkey nut

Change the battery in a smoke alarm

Having your passport stamped

Jack in the box popping up

Metal clasp on a watch

Pill bottle lid

Disabled Door Opening

Squeezing a plastic bottle

Cellophane top on the milk bottle

The sound of cement going around in a cement mixer

Polystyrene cup being pierced

A concealed door lock

Slicing a cucumber

Michael Flatley dancing

Putting coins into tray on a bus

A catapult firing at paper target

Window wipers on an icy window

Old fashioned bus ticket clipper

Opening cardboard box

Someone having their legs waxed

Soldiers marching and coming to a halt

Window wipers


Closing the fridge door

Breaking a piece of chocolate

Binding machine

Electronic cigarette

Biting on cereal

Shucking corn

Biting toast

Cracking nuts

£1 in a trolley

Squirty cream

Biting a stick of celery

Closing the lid on a laptop and it clicks

iPod into a docking station

Break seal on a Velcro strip

Winding up a big clock

Key in the ignition

Automatic air freshener

Plastic seal on baby wipes being pealed off

Putting a hose on a tap

PEZ Dispenser, putting sweets in

Noise of a clip on microphone being removed from cloths

Flicking through cards then banging them on the table

Putting money into a pool table

Vegetable chopper

Top off a digital in ear thermometer

Soldiers Marching and stopping with gun

Closing an folding concertina door

Tearing open a cardboard box

Bus doors closing

Opening a banana

Locking a padlock

Ripping cotton fabric

A manual binding machine cutting

Squadron of soldiers shouldering arms

A stiff brush being banged against a hard surface

Putting a fuel nozzle back on the hook

Twist and pull an apple stalk off

Sharpening a knife

Self inking stamper for envelopes

Apple cutter that takes the core out of an apple

Shuverling coal into a coal scuttle


Tape sealer

Spring loaded pen

Vacuum cleaner rectractable wire going in

Stepping on a cardboard box to crush

Replacing the filter on a Brita water jug

Tile cutter

Opening a lens cap on camera

Striking a match

Opening a can of tennis balls

Closing a cutlery draw

Pushing toaster into place and releasing it

Guillotine paper cutter

Toy or sweet machine, twisting handle and toy dropping

Plastic Seal around door when opening or closing

Sharpening a knife

Close the door and push the handle up

Sweetener falling from container

Paper/Card Trimmer

Tail Gate opening on a car

Hose clicking on to tap

Clay pigeon shooting

Flicking a pack of cards

Tick of a clock

Briefcase being closed and the locks being shut

Key fob in the ignition of a modern Mini

Somebody jumping on a Pogo stick

Slicing the top of a dippy egg

Biting into a chocolate ice lolly

Filling your nail with an emery board

Argos catalogue being flicked through

Cutting an onion in half

Hitting a tennis ball

Opening a baby wipe packet

Coin in a savings stamp machine

Counting frame

Switching on a fan

Crushing a can of drink in your hand

Cutting with a guillotine

Opening a box of tic-tacs

Self inking stamp

Silicone gun firing

Amp being plugged into a guitar

Drawer on vending machine

Banging sauce bottle to get last little bit out

Pressing toaster down

Plastic bag sealer in pet shop

Photocopier drawer being pushed back in

Biting an apple

Shutting a sauce bottle

Opening a pistachio nut

Opening a padlock

Handheld lottery number picker

An electric hole punch

Toothpaste onto your toothbrush

Ticket Machine at the St James Multi Storey

Taking the key from the bottom of a tin of spam

Snapping dry pasta

Electric car plugging in

Battery Tester - opening

Stepping on crunchy leaves

Moving a mouse across a desk and then clicking

Foil lid after opening a jar of coffee

Pool table money slider

Opening an advent calander

Boot of the car shutting

Dropping a coat on the floor

Coring a hard pear

Dog retracting lead

A horse walking

Tearing a piece of kitchen paper off the roll

Spiral binding paper

Cutting a lettuce

Taking the handbrake off in the car

Reach the end of toilet roll

Lint filter on tumble drier clicking into place

Plastic bag sealer

Breifcase opening

Automatic medication dispenser


A staple remover

Car engine not ticking over

Plug in a sink being pushed down

Sealing a box with a tape gun

Washing machine drawer

Tin opener onto the tin

Childrens ball catching toy

Walk in cold store

Microwave meal plastic being pulled off

Tin opener onto the tin

Pulling velcro apart

Helmet visor going down

Clicking a CD into it's case

Release on a pen after clicking downwards

Scraping mortar on a brick

Dog click

Turning a big tube of smarties from one way to the other

Typewriter carriage at end of row - push lever across

Pouring chips into a burger box

Mobile phone case closing

Tourck wrench tightening bolt on tier/wheel

Fire exit being closed

Toilet roll holder being clicked back into place


Lead on a dog - slack on lead

Burger press - shaping

Cutting a pizza with a pizza cutter

Handbrake being pulled up hard on the rachet

Opening a filing cabinet

Removing a security tag

Ripping a teabag two into one

Nail gun

Old fashioned books - catch that you lock

Opening a medicine bottle

Vending machine return button

Cat going through a cat flap

Putting an arm rest down (in a car)

Closing the bonnet of a car - latch clicks in

Snip/cut into empty plastic bottle

Pushing a tablet out of the foil on the tray

Label gun

Pulling the seal off a punnet of strawberries

Paper towel dispenser

Pushing down the donkey on Buckaroo

Putting a toilet brush back into the holder

Parking ticket machine

Cutting a cigar

Mixer tong click in place

Squashing a polysterene cup

Closing a till

Nerf gun

Igniting an old gas fire

Putting an ironing board up

Chopping oregano

Removing rubber gloves off your hand

Tennis balls being shot from machine

Conkers hitting each other

DJ dropping vinyl on table clunk

Old credit card machine

Photo copier - end of print

Dice in frustration

Veg bag being pulled out of the dispenser in a supermarket

Tin foil being ripped

Tennis balls being shot from machine

Money box accepting coin

Clicking ball point pen

Baby buggys safety catch

Pork crackling

Voicemail on 3 network

Library stamp

Setting an egg timer

Scratch card being torn at till

Old fasioned potation chipper

Cutting lettuce

Herb or spice dispencer

Opening a jar of coffee - pusing the seal in

Chopping wood with an aze

Zip being zipped up

Central locking on a car

Pulling a bendy straw out of a plastic cup lid

Pulling the arm on a one armed bandit fruit machine

Slicing an onion

Can in a can crusher

Peiling an orange

Biting in to fried bread

Plastic strip of top of bottle - peel bit on side

Scoring a line across corrugated cardboard

Putting a plug and turning the switch on

Ladder lifting up and down

Shutting a garden gate

Pair of scissors cutting paper

Snapping a branch off a tree

Stamping on a drink can

Ripping a lid of tin with ring top

Machine that seals baggers with plastic

Bicycle pump - pumping tyre - pushing pump in

Switching on an extractor fan

Putting the cover on a remote after replacing the batteries

Drinks/slurps out of straw and end of drink

Plunger on spinning top

Crushing garlic clove

Tearing a cardboard

Cutting a lemon

Popping Marigolds round the right way - blowing into

Cue ball hitting the pack 1st shot

Cracking glowsticks

Pound coin in trolley and release

iPhone being locked

Opening a box of cereal

Taking cup out of drinks despenser

Taster handle clicker

Flicking through the cards on the table

Plastic clingfilm container ripping the clingfilm

Onion being cut with a knife

Clipping train ticket

Someone being waxed

Automatic air freshener

Grinding mill handheld

Baby gate clicking

Closing a Kilner jar

Microphone being turned on and off

Musical instrument wooden

Military boot studs

Service book stamp

Breaking ice from ice tray

Taking an iPhone lead out of iPhone plug

Pour door handle down and let spring back up

Stabbing cardboard box and ripping open

Latch on a garden gate

Pepper mill

Bread in toaster pushing it down

garlic crusher

Butchers bag sealer

Cello-tape, pulling then ripping on despenser

Air conditioning - turn it off

Retractable measure

Car park ticker machine coin drop

Taking the back off and sticking on a present

Roller towel like in the toilet

Closing a window

Empty Dyson hoover - clicking vacumn in place

Taking lid of a Tupperware tub

Ziplock on a case

Stamper date and time

Old fashioned suitcase clips

Glass dome in middle clicking on Frustration


Paper guillotine

Putting a card into an ATM machine

Plastic foot pump like for an airbed

Pages turning

Towel dispencer

Biting on stick a celery

Opening a bottle of beer

Lid going back on kettle

Credit card swipe - old fashioned machine

Opening the lid of a butter tub

Biting into a meringue

Pedal bin opening

Hole pucnh

Lid off ice cream

Putting a plug in a socket

Pushing the toaster button down

Blinds coming down and hitting window seal

Open a car lock with a key fob

Unscrewing Plastic Lid from gravy jar

Pulling Velcro aparat

Swiping card in till

Removing an app from your phone

Pulling the paper lid off a tub of pringles

Handle on a ring binder locking

Pulling a papper towl out of the despenser

Sellotape snapping on the shredded bit

Ripping a cheque

Replacing ink cartridger in a printer

Opening a bottle of pop, cap breaking and fizz

Door latch catching

Shovling sand

Foot in snow

Close instore catalouge

Lawn edger - digging in the lawn

Pull starter cord on a lawnmower going back in but not Firing the mower

Train ticket hole puncher

Squeezing a plastic bottle while lid is on

Plastic cup out of water dispenser

Unscrew carton of milk - pulling foil seal

Electric meter - putting key in

Chewing gum despenser machine - turning the handle

Tapping papper on a desk to shuffle them

Cash bag with coins being thrown on floor

Banana being peeled - breaking top

ATM dispensing cash

Someone cutting an onion

Someone opening a can of drink

Walking on snow

Stepping out car on to gravel

Zip up and down getting stuck

Replacing cups on water cooler

Biting into an apple

Machine putting tape around top of bread packet

Moving the car seat forward


Lift the handle on the door - to double lock

Old fashioned clocking in machine

Pushing a plug into the wall and flicking the switch

Ball going into pocket


Crunching on a crisp

Lifting lid off porridge cereal

Security chain on a door

Pulling the lid off of a pot of cream

Security tag on bottle of drink

Pull the catch on the easy chair

Metal seal on tub of butter when you pull it back

Using a razor

CD draw when ejects and push/close

Selfie stick

Cash coming out of a cash machine

Taking a rubber glove off

Clip that locks a sports bag

Clothes peg

Clay pigeon thrower

Pulling a towel on a bathroom towel despenser

Papper being snatched in a printer

Walking over gravel

Cup back on lipstic

Tearing tinfoil in container

Double click on a computer mouse

Handbreak coming on in a car

Taking a bite out of an apple

Stamp at post office

Flciking a hairbrudsh

Sewing machine backtracking

Handheld credit card machine

Opening a desert or a yoghurt pod

Unplugging a seatbelt

Undoing the strap on velcro shoes

Flicking cards together then tapping back

Money coming out of ATM

Central locking on a car - locking

Car seat locking into place

Sound of a retractable clothes line closing

Hitting a computer key

Biting into a raw carrot

Bath mat on bath

Phone clicking into selfie stick

Plastic bag oin a shop getting a label

Taking a photograph with a tablet

Door handle being lifted to lock

Gas BBQ click

Rubber mat in the bath being pulled out

Hole punch


Central locking on a car - locking

Pulling button on a recliing chair


Unzipping jacket as it seperates at bottom

Security tag on bottle of drink

Tagging sheep

Opening a bottle of pop

Bag sealer in the shop

Skateboard coming down a ramp

Paper guillotine cutting the paper

Doing up a seatbelt

Tearing the tape off a cardboard box

Cutting through parcel tape on carboard box

A one armed bandit

Putting in a sealed tin money box

Ripping the leaves from a cauliflower

Cracking an egg on the side of a bowl

Old fashioned pricing gun

Snap on Braclett

Snapping root from a banana

Rake going through shingle

Dropping a microphone and picking it back

Electric kettle coming to boil clicking off

Yankee Screwdriver

Combination lock a bike chain

A deal or no deal box being opened

One Armed Bandit

Combination Lock on a bike unlocking

Venetian blind locking at the top

Electric pepper grinder

Opening a briefcase

A record stylus lowering and starting to play on a record

Bag sealer in the shop

Sense & Spray air freshner

Shutting the draw on a washing machine

Plastic being pushed down in a rubbish bag

Recoiling a cable on the hoover

Dishwasher dropping the tablet after it starts

Cordless kettle put on the stand and switched

Push to open door

Pressing an eject button on a tape recorder and the tape lid clicks open

Polystyrine being broken in half

Pushing the handle down on flight cabin bag

Opening suitcase - sliding the catches

Pulling the foil lid off a large carton of milk

Hole punch

Pulling a seat belt on a clicking it in

Old style card machine

Injecting a carbon dioxide carton into a Sodastream

Lifting a lid off a coffee cup

Scratch card being torn off

Secatars cutting through a branch

Car Hand break being pulled on

Opening a Swimming Pool locker

Hitting a squash ball against the wall

Air out a balloon

A pogo stick going down and up

Putting a spoon in the sugar basin

Putting a coing into a charity tub

Unlocking a gym locker and the money dropping

Pie face Game - Where it splatts you in the face

Pressing the home button

A till opening

Loading an automatic rifle

Old style bolt sliding across

Metal ringlets on a curtain being pulled a metal pole

Screwing a lid of a bottle of bleech and it catching the childproof lock

Key in door - Twisting

The lock on a door being released

Tearing wrapping paper

Coffee Pod being crushed in machine

Tredding Snow

Shutting a hardback book

Taking a photo on a mobile phone

A re-sealable tab on a bag of sweets

Plugging in headphones to appliance

Popping a toaster down -

An iPad being switched off

The sound of a printer warming/loading the paper

Moving a mouse across

Chopping an iceburg lettuce

Throwing keys on table

Closing a velcro strap on the top of a shoe

Closing a cd case

Cocking a gun

Chopping and onion

Thermos flask - push down the little button

Chopping up a leek

Golf ball being hit into a the hole

Taking a tissue from a box

Lifting the handle to lock a UPVC door

Pressing a key on a typewriter

Ripping the cardboard on a new box of tissues

Cup falling from a dispenser

Fire door closing

Shaking Tic Tacs

Pushing the lid down on a kitchen bin with a liner in it

Pulling handle down on a spinning top

Cassette going in and closing

Pulling down a towel roller to dry hands in a toilet

Removing batteries from a remote control

Gas lighter lighting BBQ candles

Customer number ticket machine

Ice machine dispenser

A plastic ring cone binder

Ripping a banana from a bunch

Throwing money into a charity bucket

First slice into a pepper

Ring pull on a can of beer

Pulling back a shower curtain

Opening a packet of crisps

Slicing a well done piece of toast

Viewmaster - wheel goes round

Telephone memory pad clicking open

Pulling down roller blinds

Umbrella opening -

Opening A Bag of Sugar

Sellotape snapping on the shredded bit

Spring loaded chopper

Turning a kaleidoscope

Apple corer coring an apple

Old style credit card swiper

Bag sealing machine

Desktop fan clicking as it turns

Opening a packet of crisps

Paper shredder

Cutting material with scissors

Closing window

Closing the child seat on a shopping trolley

A "Poppamatic" bubble

Vacuum when you take the top off a jar

Letters going through a franking machine

Tap shoes

Opening lid and piercing the film on a tube of Pringles

An electric stapler

Playing a Connect4 counter

Turning a page in a book

Pushing the button down on a kettle to release the lid

The inner seal being pulled off a 2, 4 or 6 pint bottle of milk

Putting the upright hose back on your hoover

Putting a key into a lock

Opening a tub of Heroes

A roller towel

A tissue being pulled out of a tissue box

Tearing foil lid off a tin of Pringles

A lock on a briefcase

Mashing potatoes with a plunger

Pulling the lid of a tin of beans or spaghetti

A ringbinder

Lifting a ring pull on a can

Putting the hose back into a petrol pump

Putting the back on a remote control

A border punch

Opening a big jiffy bag envelope

A pen being pushed down

Squeezing a mop when it releases the water

Closing the freezer compartment in a fridge

ATM releasing a card

Pushing a tablet out of a blister pack

Dispensing a sweetner

Ceiling pullcord

Dropping money into a collection box

Tyre dropping to the ground

Pulling a metal seal of a coffee tin

Digging a potato peeler into a potato

Closing a ringbinder folder

A taper machine

Stabbing the foil on a coffee jar

Turning an electric toothbrush off

A handheld potato chipper and it re-coiling back

A car park ticket machine dispensing the ticket after printing

Closing a door against itself

Old fashioned camera shutter click

Removing a waxing strip

Magnetic fire screen

Turning a Rubik's cube

Opening a jar and the seal popping up

An old fashioned credit card machine

A cabbage being chopped with a sharp knife on a chopping board

Putting a coin into a supermarket trolley

Putting an AA battery into a clock

A lever operated log splitter

The clasp on a briefcase flipping up

Rotating the disc in a children's Viewmaster

Scrunching a piece of paper into a ball

A pinball machine when it pings back and hits the ball

Ripping corrugated cardboard

Releasing the locks on a briefcase

A zip on a woman's handbag

Releasing the lock on a suitcase or briefcase

A pop up tent

Pressing button on tape measure

Moving a typewriter carriage back across

Turning a key in a door lock - locking

Sound of a ball as it hits a table tennis paddle

Cutting celery

Separating a plaster from a strip down the perforated edge

When you close a draw

A franking machine stamping an envelope

When you switch an iPhone off

Lighting a match

Blinds closing

Chopping a swede

Pressing a door release on a microwave

A double glazed door handle being pushed down

When you go through a barrier of a turnstyle

A newspaper being posted through a letter box and landing on the floor

Releasing a seat belt out of its buckle

Opening a plastic egg box

An automatic soap dispenser

Cordless vacuum cleaner clicking back into its station

Money changing machine

Torque Wrench

Perforated line on toilet roll

Putting a tape recorder on record

A slapband on a wrist

An ID protection stamp

Stepping on snow or ice


Photo being taken on a tablet

Empty sauce bottle being squeezed and then the air being sucked back in

Cracking a nut with a nutcracker

Opening a pre-packed sandwich

Pressing the dome on the board game Frustration

A ring-binding machine punching holes into documents

Flicking pages of a book

Connecting a seat belt into its buckle

Pulling a tax disc holder away from the windscreen

Taking a photo with a film camera

An umbrella shooting open

Taking a photo with a camera on an iPhone

Somebody taking a bite from an apple

Speed stacking cups

A gate latch

Opening an envelope using a knife

Pulling a ring pull off a can

Closing a briefcase

Putting the tag back into a trolley to release the £1 coin

Ripping a bin liner off a roll

Pulling an electric socket out of a plug

Cutting flower stems

Nail gun

Old style knitting machine

An ash tray with spinning top being pushed down

Chip cutter

Opening a letter with a letter opener

Baco foil dispenser

Tennis ball machine

Putting coins into a meter like a parking machine

When a safety button on a jar lid pops up

Ripping the backing off a parcel from Amazon

Flicking a pack of cards down together

Toaster popping up

Cut a fold foil dispensers hairdressers

Cracking an egg

Vending machine plastic cup drop with powder

Microwave popcorn popping

Pulling down a door handle to open a door

Pull up cellotape on dispenser then break off

Old price gun

Parcel tape or cellotape gun

Tin crusher

Central locking on a car

Pressing down the button and the lid lifting


Potato sack being dropped on floor

Tearing velcro apart

Garlic being crushed in a garlic press

Stabbing the cling film cover on meat

Coffee vending machine pressing button cup dropping

Battery air freshener

Salt grinder

Opening a drinks can

Shuffling a pack of cards

Credit card swipe machine

Pulling a plastic vending machine cup

Date stamp being pushed down

Black pepper grinder


Foil lid off the top of a Pot Noodle

Pulling a Christmas cracker

Squashing a plastic cup

Top off cereal box being pulled off

Pulling off the tab from washing powder pack

Cabbage being sliced

Lid off bottle of milk


Cabbage being sliced

Lift up a door handle

Hole punch

Old style pricing gun

The grabber on Hungry Hippos

Hole punch

Treading on a twig

Bubblegum machine - twisting to get sweets

Chopping carrots

Paper guilloutine

Cutting cardboard with scissors


Hole punch

Army standing to attention